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 PT3 Dual Coil with JOC Wick
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PT3 Dual Coil with JOC Wick (PT3, EVOD 2, AERO)

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    The same basic build as the Version 1 PT3 coil and wick, our PT3 JOC coils are compatible with the EVOD 2, Aero Tank and Mini Protank 3 tanks (any tank that takes a PT3 or Protank 3 style coil).

    This coil has an upgraded Japanese Organic Cotton (JOC) wick. These wicks allow for more vapour production, a cleaner taste and smoother vape overall. They handle higher temperatures better (higher voltages) and provide a denser, fuller vapour. It's important to note that you will use e-liquid a bit faster using these coils.

    The JOC coils will last for around four refills before needing to be replaced, however the additional cost of running these wicks is outweighed by the quality of flavour and vapour they produce. It’s hard to go back to standard wicks once you've vaped using an organic cotton wick, and it’s the choice of most experienced users.

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Customer Reviews for the PT3 Dual Coil with JOC Wick (PT3, EVOD 2, AERO)

  • Inconsistent quality. - by Clifford, 11 September 2017
    Normally these are very good but the last batch I had have been variable in quality, some last ok but others either don't work or last about a day and a couple after soaking have tasted like burnt cork.
    Are these made up you? Previous batches have had a biro written A on the lid and have been consistently reliable whereas the current ones have an M and are hit and miss. At over £11 for 5 it can be expensive when a few don't do the job.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you have any issues regarding quality we will replace any free of charge. The JOC are hand wicked and there can be errors, the letter refers to the production station, so if you mention the letter to the customer service team they will investigate. Also we have the new PT3 VC JOC, these are a mass produced coil with very good consistency, they have all the benefit of the JOC in regards to taste and vapour production, but better consistency, they are currently on Beta here: I will get customer service to contact you, and sort out replacements, and I'll get them to let you try the new version as well.
  • Loving the 1.5's! - by Chris, 3 June 2017
    Just popped in one of the 1.5 coils you are temporarily supplying...Wow! These are even better than the 1.8's. Can you please make these permanently available? Gives a great hit!

    On another note, like I've see others mention, my last lot had a quite a few duds that only lasted a few days before burning out.
    Normally I can get a good week before they start to taste burnt.
    Other than that, I've always been very please with the JOC wicked coils, they give much better flavour than the standard wicks.....................JAC Vapour Ltd; We are currently designing a new PT3 coil that will replace the JOC and it'll run at 1.2ohms and 1.5ohms hopefully you'll like this, it's also a more reliable build, we should have them in the shop in a few months, maybe a bit sooner.
  • Dud After Dud After Dud. - by Richard, 30 April 2017
    Absolute waste of money. They last about half an hour before needing replacing. Now I'm stuck with no coils. Scam....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi and sorry you are having difficulties with the coils, looking at your orders you have bought 2 packs of coils since January, I take it you are using other coils or not using the device if these are the only coils you've purchased. If they are only lasting 30mins, then contact support and they will sort out the issue, if you have contacted support and not seen a reply, check your junk, we always reply. Either way Customer service will help you get it sorted. There is also a telephone number or live chat if you don't like email.
  • My favourite wicks - by Andrew, 5 April 2017
    Fantastic coils that produce a really clean taste and plenty of 'cloud'.
    I've been very lucky so far that since switching from the non-JOC product I've not had a dud . . . about 20 so far. I've also experienced very little in the way of leaks and each one easily lasts a 10ml bottle (which lasts me 8 to 10 days), with no loss of flavour.
    I have found they use up eliquid a little quicker than the non-JOC product, but for me it's worth the trade off for the experience.

    So, whilst c20% more expensive the offset has been a better quality product (no duds so far against 1 dud in a pack of 5 non-JOC wicks) that gives a better flavour. I'd definitely recommend them
  • Consistently inconsistent - by Gareth, 27 February 2017
    When you get a good coil they are great with the series B. As with other reviewers I generally only get 3 decent coils in each pack of 5. You might expect the odd dud but not in every pack, going back several months...........................JAC Vapour Ltd: I apologise for this. We did have an issue with part of our production line that was making inconsistent coils, the issue did take a wee while to present itself and for us to get the fix arranged, and get all the coils removed from production. We will replace any faulty coils free of charge, recent coils should now be consistent. If you are finding this is not the case please let us know, I will get CS to contact you concerning the matter.
  • Happy - by glyn, 26 February 2017
    These are great, i have never been able to get the full flavour out of eliquids before i tried these, definitely going to be a regular order for me now.
  • Conflicted. - by Gary, 9 February 2017
    These are fantastic with the series B on a Kanger mega tank..........but they are so inconsistent, out of a pack of 5 2/3 duds, one tank full maybe before spluttering and gargling and spitting hot liquid into your mouth. Put a new one in from same pack and absolute perfection get 4/5 tanks full of use, good quality thick vapour all the way to the end of its life. I have no problem spending £12 a pack for 5 of these when they work 100% i think they are sensational. To be fair Jac Vapour customer service is good and they have spent me a pack or 2 for free to make up for the duds, one of those packs had 2 bad ones in though!! So disheartening when they could be so good!!.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: We have had a problem with some of the coils built by a particular line, we have now removed all these and fixed the line, I'll get customer service to contact you, if can let them know the initials on the pack (these relate to the line) then we can adjust it if it is not the line already fixed, or find out if these were the same line we had the issue with. Sorry for the inconvenience and we'll get more replacements sent.
  • Really disappointing!! - by Laura, 31 January 2017
    Really disappointed this time. Out of 5 wicks 3 were dud and lasted all of a couple of days then burnt out. Normally I only get the odd one but on this occasion it was over half my pack. Not impressed jac vapour!!...................JAC Vapour Ltd: Hi Laura and I apologise for the bad experience, I'll get customer service to contact you and get them replaced. If you can let them know the initials on the pack we'll see where the build issue is.
  • Duds No More - by Christopher, 15 January 2017
    These coils were lasting me around a day and some tasted burnt as soon as I started using them. I noticed when I took the top off the coil that the cotton was very tightly packed in some, so I started rewicking them myself. I pull the top and bottom layer off the cotton pad and pull the cotton apart to make the fibres as loose as possible before threading it through, now the coils last me 5 days without any loss of taste. When I buy new coils now, I take the cotton out that they come with and redo it myself before I use it and haven't had any problems...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for this feedback, it sounds like wicks are being packed too tightly, this can happen with certain makers as they are done by hand. On you your box you should have a set of initials if you could report these to Customer service we will make sure the maker is informed and corrected, also they will replace all bad coils you have. sorry for the inconvenience.
  • More and more dud coils - by Ian, 3 January 2017
    Seems to be an issue with these, I have had a series B with the Kanger tank for about a year and I have been very happy with the Joc coils. I refill usually a couple of times a day and have as a norm had coils last around 2 weeks sometimes as much as three which is great but the last couple of orders I have seen a decline in the longevity of the coils. I have had a few fail completely in under 24 hours and only today replaced a coil at work this morning only to have to replace it again when I got home as it had already started to taste really burnt. These coils were never this inconsistent previously.........................................JAC Vapour Ltd: I will look into this, if you save up any bad ones, then we can get them replaced. Potentially it is a run of bad coils you've had, may be somebody on the production line is not making them correctly. I'll get customer service to contact you.

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