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PT3 Dual Coil and Wick

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PT3 Dual Coil and Wick (EVOD 2, PT3, AERO)

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    Replaceable bottom dual coil for Evod 2, Mini Protank 3 and Aero Tank.

    Each head is fitted with two coils and a short length of wicking material. Coils will typically last for around 10 fills on average before they will need to be replaced.

    Replacement coils are available in two different designs:

    V1 - Short, exposed wicks. This design has the advantage of allowing the user to re-wick the coils if they choose to do so. This is an advanced technique, and not something recommended for those new to vaping.

    PLEASE NOTE: The V1 coils feature a rubber chimney seal mounted half up the unit. This seal is essential to prevent leakage from the tank and should not be removed.

    V2 - Hidden wicks. This design hides the wicking material completely. These coils are slightly less prone to leakage, though the hidden wick design removes the ability to re-wick.

    Both versions of these dual coils will otherwise perform in the same way and are available in the same resistances.

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PT3 V1 - 1.8Ohm (Kanger) 5 Pack

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Customer Reviews for the PT3 Dual Coil and Wick (EVOD 2, PT3, AERO)

  • Very inconsistent quality - by Paul, 1 March 2017
    Many make a bubbling noise after a couple of days. Have tried cleaning and refilling, wasting e-liquid. So my conclusion is not great. Hugely disappointed as have spent so much money upgrading................JAC Vapour Ltd: These are meant to last around 5 fills, after that they will start to gargle, so it depends on how many fills you are getting in the 3 days, I use these and get 3 days at 2-3 fills a day. Also you do need to clean your tank every 2 or fills to prevent build up of juice and condensation in the airflow, this involves removing the mouthtip and cleaning out the condensation trap and clearing the airflow in the base, customer service can keep you right on this, we also have videos on our youtube channel. Also for gargling a good fix for any device is to remove the mouthtip and flick it a few times, this clears any liquid from the tubes.
  • 7/10 worked great. - by Emma, 29 November 2016
    When they work, it's great and the majority of them do work. 3 out of my 10 weren't any good, though...................JAC Vapour Ltd: if you get faulty ones, we can replace for free, but 3 out of 10 seems high, it could be a bad packet, but as a measure I used these coils for around 2 years (maybe a pack every 5 weeks) and had less failures than you have reported. I would suggest contacting customer service, and getting them replaced, the JOC PT3 coils that are handwicked are better, so get them to replace with those to see if your experience improves.
  • super wick (read this) - by lewis, 31 October 2016
    These are great! very robust and i'm sure you will be able to drop these in vodka for a night to (pro - long the life) you shouldn't get any leakages as long as you do NOT run your juice down to the coil! as this will force the coil to feed heavily. Excellent taste, vapour and throat hit!
  • Goon but short life - by Jackie, 13 October 2016
    These work very well, especially when new, but compared to VGO2 wicks, they have a very short life. With the VGO2 ones a good clean or dropped in vodka overnight gave them a new lease of life but I have not found a way to extend the life of these
  • Rubbish Product - by Jason , 2 September 2016
    Just bought a packet of 5 of these which have lasted 7 days........ JAC Vapour Ltd: if you have had a problem with the coils please contact customer service and they will help, and if need be replace any products that do not perform correctly
  • Keeps going - by Jon, 19 August 2016
    Cool lasts at least a week for me.
  • No fault - by V-ape, 31 July 2016
    I keep coming back to the 1.5ohm PT2 coils, as they are very easy to clean and re-wick. I use Drago egyptian cotton for wicking which gives a very natural flavour compared to the factory installed kanthal wick. Re-wicking a single coil can last me over a month. 1.8 ohms not as powerful and less vapour, which is why I keep coming back to the 1.5ohm version with visible wicks.
  • v2 coils - by simon, 9 May 2016
    v1 coil that came with kit lasted 5 days. Was enjoying my JAC e. Good vapour and good flavour. Put in replacement v2. Not such good vapour or flavour. Juice in mouth piece. Battery hot. Put in second v1 that came with kit and all good again. Dud v2? Why should there be duds? Still, liking this next step in the fetishisation of my habit but when you have to get your kit thtough the post you don't want duds......................JAC Vapour: Personally the V1 coils are better and the V1 JOC are the best, so I would suggest trying them. The V2 are touted as the newer coil and we provide both because some users prefer them, however we are the only supplier that has kept the V1 coil in stock as it is hands down the better coil in our opinion. You will get duds occasionally in both the V1 and V2, but the V1 tend to be more reliable and the JOC are the most reliable V1 as we hand wick these ourselves. Any duds you get we will replace, just contact customer service, but if the V1 are working for you then stick with them, and ask for any dud V2 to be replaced by the V1.
  • latest purchase of 1.8 ohm - by Dean, 5 May 2016
    Usually better than the exposed wick (less leakage) but not the latest batch I ordered 5 days ago; I'm already on my third. They are lasting a day, two at max and begin to bubble on draw, meaning liquid coming up into the mouthpiece. Unpleasant and messy. I throw them away and don't bother returning them as frankly I can't be bothered to go through the process but I have no doubt customer services would replace them if you encounter the same problem. I will try more but if the problem persists then I'll go back to the exposed wick version.
  • Prone to leak - by Dean, 5 May 2016
    Ordered 5 days ago and already on my third. They fail within a day or so...liquid being drawn up upon inhale. Usually good but my latest batch appear to be duds. I just throw them away as I'm not going through the hassle of complaining and returning them but potential buyers beware!.................JAc Vapour Ltd: They shouldn't fail as much as you are saying, the occasional one, and it is possible to get a few in a packet, but if you were to experience this consistently, something else is going on. Gargling can also be caused by the condensation trap in the mouth tip seat not being cleared, so make sure that couldn't be the issue, also if liquid has gotten into the airflow over time, then rinse it out and leave to dry. The coil can occasionally over wick as well if left sitting for a while, 48hrs, a quick dab on the wick with a tissue normally fixes this. You may also find you prefer the JOC coils (the ones we build ourselves, rather than the Kanger version) so you may want to give them a go. Finally if you do have coils that fail just email Customer service and they'll fix them. Thanks for the review

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