Three Reasons Why Vaping Will Be Here To Stay

Published by James Menta on 15th Mar 2018

Nobody who has read a newspaper, looking online or listened to the news could have missed hearing about vaping, and in recent years, it has become more and more mainstream.

Vape shops and websites selling e cigs have popped up everywhere, and more people than ever before are making the switch to vaping instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes. It's clear that the vaping industry is growing every year, and experts have now predicted that the global market for e-cigarettes could even be worth a whopping $47 billion within the next decade. Yet, as there have been regulation changes in several countries when it comes to the use of e-liquids and vaping devices, will there be a downturn in the fortunes of e cig manufacturers?

It seems that, despite some people still having concerns about the safety of vaping, the industry is still thriving. In fact, more medical practitioners are beginning to recommend that smokers try vaping if they're ready to quit cigarettes, and, with vaping appearing more often in movies and on television, it seems that e-cigarettes aren't going anywhere in a hurry.

Is vaping here to stay, then? Here are 3 reasons which suggest that this is definitely the case.

1. Variety And Convenience

One of the reasons why vaping has become increasingly popular is its incredible versatility. While cigarettes don't really offer a lot of variety when it comes to ringing the changes, vaping offers a wealth of options to pick from to customise your experience. There are numerous devices on the market, allowing vapers to experiment with different vaping styles, while e-liquids come in an enormous range of flavours from traditional tobacco to delicious dessert-inspired options that make every day a taste sensation! Since e cigs can also be bought really easily, either in a bricks and mortar store or over the internet, it's easier than ever to try out vaping.

2. Saves You Money

Nobody can deny we're living in tough financial times, and no matter where you live, you're sure to be finding that your smoking habit is becoming prohibitively expensive. With tax hikes and high prices for a packet of cigarettes, smokers are finding that they're spending an increasing proportion of their monthly budget on funding their habit. Although vaping does involve an initial cost of buying a device, the cost of replacing e-liquids and worn-out components is still substantially more cost-effective in the long run than buying cigarettes every week.

3. Benefits To Health

The third, and probably most important reason why it is almost inevitable that vaping will stay in the public conscience for the immediate future is the fact that it has been proven to be a much healthier option than smoking tobacco. People who use cigarettes or other tobacco products put themselves at a serious risk of health problems including breathing difficulties, lung conditions and cancer.

In countless studies which have been carried out over the last few years, vaping has conclusively been shown to be 95% safer than combustion of tobacco as nothing is burned during the vaping process and those harmful chemicals found in cigarettes are not released into the user's bloodstream or lungs.

It is also now being shown that smokers that have made the switch to e-cigarettes from cigarettes are much more likely to quit the habit for good, showing that vapes have a key role to play as a stop smoking aid. Research has also recently shown that vaping not only doesn't harm those who are using the e-cigarettes themselves, but it is also harmless to anyone in the immediate vicinity of the vaper. Friends and family members are at no risk from second hand vape, and non-vaping bystanders will not suffer from any ill consequences, which is certainly not the case with smoking, where serious effects have been shown to be linked to second hand smoke.

When you examine trends in the market, it's possible to see at a glance that the thriving vaping industry is still developing and expanding, making huge profits for manufacturers and creating thousands of jobs thanks to consumers' increasing demand for their products. Bearing this in mind, we can be fairly confident that vaping is no short term fad, but instead is a growing market, and all signs indicate that it will continue to be so in the long term.

James Menta is a vaping enthusiast and blogs at When he is not vaping, he either coding programs for the Finance industry or playing Basketball.