Make the Switch to Vaping

Why not make this the year you make a positive change to your health, social life, and wallet by switching to vaping?

Below we've collected some of the top reasons to make the switch to e-cigs.


Improving your health is one of the most common reasons given for making the switch to vaping. Traditional tobacco cigarettes are made up of 3-4000 chemicals, with around 60 of these known to be cancer-causing.

Each year, 100,000 people die in the UK because of smoking related illnesses, which include cancers, COPD, emphysema and strokes. Countless others live with often incredibly severe health problems.

In comparison, e-cigarettes typically contain only around 16 chemicals (none of which are known to be carcinogenic), are free from tar and carbon monoxide, and haven't been linked with a single death in the UK since their introduction.

Do bear in mind that vaping usually means the continued use of nicotine which means that it can never be deemed 100% safe. However, when weighed against smoking, vaping is a far safer and healthier alternative. In fact, in August 2015, Public Health England issued a report in which they deemed e-cigarettes to be at least 95% safer to use than tobacco.


Research by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) estimated that the average smoker in the UK spends approximately £3000 per year on cigarettes. This is likely to have increased since that figure was published, and will only continue to skyrocket as duty on tobacco increases.

Vaping, on the other hand, can mean a significant COST saving. Running costs after purchasing a vape starter kit cover e-liquids and regular replacement of coils or carts. You may also need to replace your tank or battery on occasion.

Everyone's habits and usage are different, but with vape juice available from just £2.45 for a 10ml bottle, even the heaviest of smokers should see a significant difference in their wallets.

On average, however, our customers spend approximately £40-50 per month after switching to e-cigarettes, so huge savings are possible.


As a regular smoker, you probably don’t notice the smell of smoke any more, but others certainly do.

E-cigarettes emit only vapour, which dissipates far more quickly than tobacco smoke and any odour present disappears within seconds. As vapour is also free from the tar found in cigarettes, it also has the added advantage of not sticking to your walls and clothing, which is what leads to lingering smells and stains.

After just a few days of switching from smoking to vaping, you’ll begin to notice the smell of tobacco smoke on other smokers and be glad that you no longer smell the same way.

Smoking also has a significant impact on your sense of taste as well so, you’ll likely notice that food quickly starts to taste better as your taste buds begin to heal. As smoking’s impact creeps in slowly you may have not even noticed these senses declining, but you will certainly notice as they return to normal.


You can’t argue that the UK’s smoking ban hasn’t led to positive health benefits over the last decade. These should be applauded, but at the same time there’s been a huge financial impact for many businesses, as well as being kicked out into the cold and the rain to smoke.

Vaping offers you the opportunity to do so inside, where allowed, in the same places targeted by the ban (except for enclosed public spaces in Wales). If you need to be more discreet, Clear Steam vapourless e-juice is an excellent choice.