The closest thing to smoking, is SMOKING

Published by Matt Brown on 31st May 2018

Say hello to SMOKING, the most authentic tobacco e-liquids around.

If you’ve been searching for an e-liquid that realistically replicates the sensation of smoking, we’ve got great news – your search is over. SMOKING has arrived.

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Created using the latest in e-liquid technology, SMOKING is a brand new range which offers the most authentic and effective alternative to tobacco.

With a nicotine salt base, fast and effective nicotine delivery is assured. Get the same smooth and immediate satisfaction as you would from a tobacco cigarette (even at higher nic strengths).

Launching in two carefully crafted flavours – UK Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol – this new range makes the transition from smoking as easy as possible. There’s no need to change your habits at all.

SMOKING is ideal for current smokers, or new vapers who are looking for the most realistic alternative around. You’ll barely even notice the difference.

Current mouth to lung vapers will also be in for a treat if they’re seeking an effective e-liquid that delivers faster, smoother satisfaction, and a more noticeable nicotine hit than from traditional e-liquids.

Why choose SMOKING?

Traditional freebase e-liquids are great, but due to their chemistry, they deliver nicotine in a slower, more cumulative way. Ideal for longer vape sessions, but not when you’re looking for immediate satisfaction.

SMOKING, on the other hand, is perfect for those times when you want to vape and go, or for users looking for a smoother experience, even at higher nic strengths.

Pick up yours today from just £3.09 per bottle >>