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    Say hello to SMOKING - a truly authentic alternative to tobacco.

    • SMOKING UK Tobacco is the most authentic, satisfying tobacco e-liquid around. A truly effective alternative for smokers who are ready to make the switch to vaping.
    • Packed with rich, smoky flavour - you'll barely notice the difference.
    • No need to change your behaviour - SMOKING UK Tobacco mimics the sensation of smoking, delivering a fast, smooth nicotine hit.
    • A super smooth vape, even at higher nicotine strengths.

    Carefully crafted to closely mimic the sensation of smoking, SMOKING e-liquids use a nicotine salt base for fast and effective nicotine delivery. Make the transition from tobacco as easy possible, try SMOKING instead.

    SMOKING e-liquids are manufactured in the UK using only the highest quality ingredients.

    What are SMOKING e-liquids?

    SMOKING e-liquids are a brand new range, offering the most authentic and satisfying vape around. Available in two great-tasting tobacco blends.

    Who are they for?

    They're a truly effective alternative for smokers who are ready to make the switch to vaping, or vapers looking for a fast, satisfying tobacco e-liquid that's packed with flavour.

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Customer Reviews for the SMOKING Tobacco

  • like the taste not sure about salts - by Ben, 3 July 2018
    This is a really smoky tasting liquid, just what I was after, but the nic salts are too much for me. It's smooth for sure, as I'd never be able to handle 12mg normally, but it's a different way of vaping which I guess I am not used to.
  • Just awful - by J&S , 1 July 2018
    The original real tobacco from Jac Vapour was the reason I gave up smoking, then it somehow changed, and lost some of its Smokey taste.
    I've stuck with it as it's still the best one I've found.
    Then I saw SMOKING Tobacco advertised, promising that real smoking sensation.
    Thankfully I only purchased 3 bottles of what can only be described as burnt super flavour vape juice.
    It's truly awful, and put me in mind of something you'd get in Poundland.
    Has anyone in the development team ever smoked?
    Unfortunately all 3 bottles are now in the bin, so that's £10 wasted.
    You've let us down with this one Jac ……………………..JAC Vapour Ltd: Just about all our team smoked at one point or another, eliquid is a subjective thing though and it's perfectly OK to have your own opinion, other feedback is good on this liquid. Personally I am no longer a fan of tobacco flavours, I went off them about 6 months after giving up and no longer associating the taste with nicotine, could it be your tastes are changing, I found a lot of things tasted odd the first 6 months after giving up smoking, as my taste buds kicked back into action and my sense smell returned. I can't eat strong cheese anymore and strawberries have a weird cheesy background flavours : ) It's quite common and could have something to do with the change in perception from when you began.
  • Smoky Whisky - by Marc, 16 June 2018
    I really like the fast delivery of nicotine and the PG based mix. The taste reminds me more of a smoky whisky. I would prefer the real...…………..JAC Vapour ltd: real whisky? : ) we also have the nicsalts base in the picnic range, if you are looking for more flavour options. Thanks for the review.
  • A great alternative - by David, 16 June 2018
    A much faster and better throat hit than i got with the real tobacco gold, used to smoke roll ups and this is as close as you get in all respects. i used to commute for an hour and was hitting my vape all the way, now i have 5 or 6 and put it down for 15 mins or so and then hit again. great recommendation from Tomas
  • Nothing like tobacco. - by Geoff, 8 June 2018
    Tastes nothing like tobacco. Tastes like Butterscotch. The Nic Salts don't seem any smoother than the 'norma'l e liquids. Nicotine does deliver faster, though.
  • very realistic - by Kev, 31 May 2018
    I have been vaping for around 3 years now, but I must admit, occasional when I have a beer I do still have a cigarette, as there is something missing from vaping, even although I am fine not smoking pretty much any other time. When this came along I thought I'd try it as much out curiosity as anything else. I normally vape 6mg in JACs S22, and toke away constantly on it, for this I got 12mg well, but if you toke constantly on this you won't feel well : ) As soon as I got it, I started using it normally (constant drags) and after about 15 drags the hit was almost making me dizzy and I didn't feel well for 15mins after that, I realised pretty quickly this is not like normal vaping the hit is fast, bigger and you don't have to vape constantly to build up to your nic level, it happens very quickly. Once I understood this, I reduced down to 4-5 drags every half an hour and that seemed to suit perfectly. I basically had to adjust back to the way I used to smoke, which is strange for me now, but I see exactly why this is aimed at people making the switch, it's very similar to how you'd smoke a real cig, also add on top the taste of this tobacco liquid and it pretty much nails a smoke. The tobacco has a nice rich taste, but running right through it and in the after taste there is light smokiness, it's not over powering but it definitely gives off the impression that what you are vaping is actually lit. I don't think I'll use this a lot, I'll just replace my remaining drinking smokes with it, and stick to normal vaping the rest of the time, but there is no doubt this liquid is about a real as you can come to smoking, so I have given it 5 stars. If it's an actual cigarette you want then this is the liquid you want, if you are happy in your vaping habits and don't still occasionally get the cravings for a real cig then I doubt this will be of interest, in fact my wife who has never smoked, but occasionally enjoys vapes my raspberry flavour, found this quite repulsive, which is the same with her and cigs, so a pretty good gauge they have nailed it I think: )
  • Just what I was looking for - by James B, 31 May 2018
    This new flavour is bang on. I wanted to try nicotine salts as I heard they were good if you only use your vape for short sessions. I only get out to use mine for 5 mins at a time at work, but this new e-liquid has been great. Nice and smooth, and satisfies like a real cigarette.

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