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    Our SMOKING UK Tobacco e liquid is the closest you will get to the real thing. The authentic, smokey tobacco flavouring combined with a nic salt base offers faster nicotine delivery and a smooth, realistic vape. The best beginner vape e liquid for those looking to transition to vaping.

    Vapour Flavour Guide

    What strength?


    If you’re a heavy smoker, 18mg is as strong as it gets.


    Smoking 10-20 per day? 12mg is the best place to start.



    PG or VG?

    High PG

    Delivers plenty of throat hit and flavour, and are a popular choice among new users or mouth to lung vapers.

    High VG

    Offers a smoother overall vape, with buckets of vapour production. An ideal choice for direct lung vapers.


    An equal mix of PG and VG, delivering a great balance of flavour, throat hit and vapour production, suitable for use in most devices.

    Just like smoking

    SMOKING e liquids are really the closest thing you will get to an actual cigarette, without all of the harmful elements of it. This tobacco e liquid will be a great way to get your vaping fix, either all day or when you feel like topping off at certain times of the day.


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  • FAQS

    What are Nic Salts?

    Nicotine salts are a new innovation in e liquid, offering fast nicotine delivery and a smoother overall vape, even at high nic strengths. They realistically mimic the sensation of smoking.

    Who are they for?

    Anyone transitioning from smoking to vaping looking for a realistic experience. Anyone who wants a quick, satisfying vape, in a short time frame.

    Which nicotine strength should I choose?

    Choosing the right e liquid strength makes all the difference when you’re starting out. Everyone is different, and the device you use will make a difference too, but broadly:

    • 12mg – Smoking around 10-20 per day? 12mg is normally where we’d start.
    • 18mg – If you’re a heavier smoker, and 12mg isn’t cutting it, 18mg is as strong as it gets.

    Anything else I should know?

    SMOKING e liquids are made using a High PG nic salts base. Due to this, they offer more immediate satisfaction than traditional e liquids, so if you're used to chain vaping you may find you need to moderate your intake a little to avoid overdoing it.


    We take the safety of the items we sell very seriously. All of our products are regulated, tested and audited to meet UK and EU standards. Shopping with JAC means, you have peace of mind, that the hardware or E-liquids you are purchasing have been independently tested and verified as safe for use. More information on our safety and quality controls.

Customer Reviews for the SMOKING Tobacco E Liquid

  • Fantastic!!!! - by Zunair, 31 July 2019
    I'm using it in 12mg with a renova pod device.
    I have tired at least 15 tobbaco flavours..... This is by farrrrrrrr the best every I have tried, super smooth and a great throat hit.
    Ordered it online to Pakistan and the delivery was perfectly on time.... Would recommend it certainly.
    Thumbs up guys for such great product.
  • Excellent - by Derek, 1 July 2019
    Having smoked for 37 years, I bought and used this as my first e liquid, I have found it enjoyable to use. Quite life like with absolutely no fowl taste. I’ll be buying again when my stocks run low.
  • Not fit for purpose - by Peter, 23 April 2019
    Was a good back up for when my favourite juice was out of stock. Quite bland but did the job. As it is out of stock I would have to say that it is not fit for purpose.
  • One of a kind, but not one for everyone. - by JohnRO, 8 April 2019
    Guys, lets agree to disagree. This liquid is a love it or hate it affair. For me, it was love at first vape. I've tried a lot of tobacco liquids after I've quit smoking, but none of them really had the "feeling" of a real cigarette. For me, this is the closest one by far.

    That being said, i can see how people more accustomed to vaping would find this off-putting, in the same way as they would find lighting a cigarette off putting after vaping for a while. It really does give that heavy, ashy, almost kinda foul taste,but hey, so do cigarettes.

    So while I've broadened my range and this isn't an all day vape for me anymore, it still is the liquid i go to for a night of poker with my buddies for instance, when most people around me are lighting ip and i want to get that particular feeling as well, or for one of those vacation mornings when you have your ristretto with a glass of red wine and to pair it with a strong vape you can really feel in tour throat.

    To each their own, but pleas Jacvapour don't stop producing this. It really is the only one of it's kind (that i could find) on the market.

    And for everyone else, if you haven't tried it but you kinda know the feelings/cravings I've just described, you really don't have much to loose picking up a bottle. You might jist find your "special fix".

  • Not for me - by Chris, 3 February 2019
    Thought I'd give this a try but I won't be buying it a second time. It does state it's smokey but it's worse than having your head in a bbq! unpleasant flavour and the only way I can get rid of it, other than binning it is to add a little to other tobacco flavours. Each to their own but for me it truly is YUK!
  • I reccomend this flavour - by Vicky, 24 November 2018
    I love the SMOKING Tobacco flavour... It's my favourite.. I recommend it.
  • Love it or Hate it - by Tom, 2 October 2018
    Like Marmite, you either will like this or hate this. To me its the worst flavour I've ever had from anywhere! I'm not sure how I can describe the actual taste. To me its a bit like smelling musty old wooden antique furniture in a antique shop that has a tinge of damp rot going on. Not pleasant for me at all.
  • Big fan - by George Brown, 21 August 2018
    I've been looking to try nic salts for a while, and these have really hit the spot. Strong, intense flavour, and I really find it to be a much more immediate 'hit' than my other tobacco e-liquids. Top marks from me.
  • Horrendous - by Thomas, 20 August 2018
    Awful flavour, like vaping burning plastic. The only e liquid I’ve ever thrown away.
  • Sorry JAC, Just Awful - by James, 14 August 2018
    This was a real disappointment after seeing some great reviews. I have to agree with Geoff's comment below, which mentions "butterscotch" - I get that exact same sickly sweet taste from this liquid, coupled with a horrendous fishy odour when smelt in it's raw state. It really is foul, and nothing like a real cigarette. My tank was quickly emptied and cleaned, and coil and liquid binned.
    Having tried quite a few tobacco e-liquids now from various brands, I have to recommend sticking to those using NET (naturally extracted tobacco) as these are by far the most realistic tobacco/cigarette flavours on the market............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review and as we all know eliquid is subjective to the user and setup, as a point of reference this tobacco is a NET tobacco, in fact it uses a new process to extract the flavouring from the leaf, the idea was to create a liquid that mimics as close to smoking with a cinder undertone, like it is almost lit, and it's designed for mouth to lung at above 1.0ohm. Obviously, you don't agree: ) All our premium liquids are actually NET tobacco, the only ones only ones that aren't are the Standard range.

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