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picNIC High PG (70/30) E Liquid Base

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    Base liquid for mixing your own Easy Mix DIY blends. Part of our picNIC range of e liquid mixing flavours and supplies. Manufactured using pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and Nicotine.

    Each 10ml bottle contains a blend of 70% PG to 30% VG, with your choice of nicotine strength.

    Please note, over time the colour of your base liquid may change slightly in response to exposure to sunlight. This is normal, and is not a cause for concern. Higher concentrations of nicotine are more likely to be subject to this change of colour.

    When mixing your own e liquid, we recommend starting with 4 parts of base liquid to 1 part flavouring, for example 8ml and 2ml to make up a 10ml bottle.

    Starter kits are available which contain a base, flavouring, empty bottles and syringe for mixing. The base strength listed is the strength prior to mixing, so after adding your flavouring to the base the strength of resulting liquid will be slightly less according to the percentage of flavouring added.

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Item Quantity
10ml PG (70/30) Base - Zero - 0mg

10ml PG (70/30) Base - Very Low - 3mg

10ml PG (70/30) Base - Low - 6mg

10ml PG (70/30) Base - Medium - 12mg

10ml PG (70/30) Base - High - 18mg

Customer Reviews for the UK Made picNIC PG (70/30) Base

  • Out of Stock - Again - by Maisie, 12 August 2019
    10ml PG (70/30) Base - Zero - 0mg out of stock again. Sufficient supplies appear to be an ongoing problem........ JAC Vapour: This is being counted into the shop today. I apologise, but we are getting the eliquid as quick as our lines can produce it, it will take us a wee bit to build proper reserves, but we have more arriving every 2 weeks. it will be in the store by this evening.
  • Out of Stock AGAIN!!. Its a consistant issue with JAC - by David, 24 June 2019
    Despite in February complaining and being assured it would be resolved, once again JAC Vapour is out of stock of products. This time, and again, its the base liquid. Whilst the products are good, when you can get them, the company cannot be relied upon for consistent availability of there products. This is not an isolated circumstance. And when you are trying to avoid smoking it's essential you can order the product when you need them. Easy to lose a customer, not so easy to get them back................JAC Vapour: HI Mark, I apologise for the stock issues that have happen over the last 6 months, the company has now been bought back by the original founders and their number one priority is correcting the stock and getting things back on track. As everything is transferred we'll have new stock coming in as quick as possible, and if you need aay advice or help finding stuff to cover please contact customer service and we'll help in anyway we can.
  • Out of stock. Again. - by Andy, 16 June 2019
    Out of stock again and again and again. What a shame. Love your products but constantly out of stock. Been waiting over a week now so will have to buy elsewhere....JAC Vapour: I apologise for the lack of stock currently on our books, the company has now been taken over by the original management and our no.1 focus is to get the stock back to reliable levels, this may take a few weeks, but in the meantime if you want to contact customer service, and let us know what you need we can try and help you with liquid to tide you over until the new stock arrives.
  • Out of stocks becoming a real pain! - by Kate, 23 March 2019
    Out of stocks are now far too regular! No 3mg PG 70/30 AGAIN today! Things never used to be like's so frustrating. Can you PLEASE get this sorted out SOON...............JAC Vapour Ltd: I apologise about this it was one of the products that was lost by the courier, the next production batch is scheduled for delivery on the 5th, we may hopefully have it a bit sooner. If you need 3mg base this can be achieved by using 2 bottles of 0mg and 2 bottles of 6mg. Customer service will be able to get this organised for you, so I'll pass them your email. AS from this batch arriving supply should return to normal, and I'm very sorry for the incovenience.
  • No Stock Once Again!!. Worst company for stock control. - by David, 22 February 2019
    Once again, another item out of stock. You guys are really bad at stock control. If this continues i will be looking for alternative suppliers. If its not running out of stock on flavours its the base liquid or coils. Its simply not good enough. You are not looking after your loyal customers. After losing a customer its very hard to get them back. Something you need to consider...............JAC Vapour Ltd: I am very sorry about the recent stock issues. We have been working very hard to try and get the supplier back on track in regards to our production lines, and the missing shipments. Our followup shipments are now starting to come in, and things should now start to get back to normal as these shipments follow in behind the missing ones. I really do apologise for this and I know the frustration it causes, I will get customer service to contact you and make sure you are informed and supported on this.
  • Out of stocks..again! - by Kate, 12 September 2018
    I was very disappointed to see that the 3mg 70/30 base is out of stock again as last time I ordered it wasn't available either . I was very happy to have got down from 12mg to 3mg but now I'm having to double my nicotine intake because you don't seem able to maintain a regular or continuous supply. Also e liquids still missing I noticed too. I'm a fan of JAC Vapour and have been buying from you for a long time now but I have to say that my patience is wearing thin I'm afraid. I've rated the product as 5* as I like it very much...when I can get it!
  • Redressing irrelevant reviews - by Philip, 11 September 2018
    Consistent and better value than premix, kind to coils.
  • Good but issues with stock - by Emma, 23 August 2018
    I started using this about 8 months ago because you ran out of stock of my other liquid and it’s great, although I’m having to change the flavours all the time because you are out of stock of my usuals which is a pain. Last week I had to order vg base which has been fine until now, it’s burning my throat with every drag despite a coil change. Went on to try and order this pg again and you are still out of stock. I’m really disappointed in this and I am now having to think of other options now for my vape supplies. I have been with jack vapour for 4 years and enjoyed the experience, until recently. You have also changed your “free delivery” to 2-3 days, which I find difficult due to the high amount spent I would have thought your regular high amount customers got some priority?!.......................JAC Vapour Ltd: we have had a few issues with the sheer gorwth in popularity of the picNIC range, but stock of the base arrived over the weekend and more is arriving this week, so should all be back in stock now, sorry for the delay.
  • some of these crits are unfair - by Philip, 13 June 2018
    My regular post-TPD vape, very happy with the quality. I buy boxes of ten so I can cope with the occasional availability issue.
  • Too much waste plastic! - by Aylz, 29 March 2018
    TOO MUCH WASTE! With the huge reducing plastic movement that is going on it’s insane the amount of waste that’s involved in pic nic products! I love the liquids don’t get me wrong but all this waste plastic is crazy! Even getting 50ml bottles with every order is a waste I have millions of them laying around when I could at least be reusing the mixing bottles! Really think something needs re thinking here...............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Unfortunately we have the TPD to thank for that, we do have the picnic deconstructed which uses 3 bottles, but that only works for VG and low nicotine (5.1%) and below. There's no getting around the 10ml limit on nicotine at present, however I will speak to the team and suggest the 50ml bottle is made optional for those that don't need it. Thanks for the review and feedback.

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