One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Published by Neil McCallum on 6th Mar 2017

At JAC, we try every day to provide unparalleled products and service for you, our customers.

We believe that our customers are a very discerning lot, and are willing to pay a little bit extra for the superior service and products we provide.

We know that we are not the cheapest on the market; we don't want to be.

We know that we do not provide as extensive a selection of our own e-liquid range compared with some other vendors; we don't want to.

What we provide in terms of our e-liquid range, are the best ingredients that we can find, manufactured in ISO accredited labs, to our own, unique recipes.

We know we don't have the most extensive range of hardware and tanks; we don't want to.

What we design and manufacture is our own. Designed with you, our customer, in mind.

As we design and develop our own hardware from scratch, we are in a unique position to be able to test that everything we stock performs at its absolute best. That means, our e-liquids play nice with our tanks, and vice versa.

We focus on quality, not just quantity, when it comes to the important stuff like taste, vapour production, battery life and service.

That said, our hardware works well with all e-liquid - that's part of the design process. To be honest, we think it works brilliantly with most e-liquid, but frankly, it's just more brilliant with ours. Don't believe me? Give it a try with one our four new flavours - Fresh Apple, Kalahari Ice, Fruits of the Forest and Blueberry.

We also don't feel the need to follow the crowd, we are perfectly happy ploughing our own furrow. An example of this thinking is the release of the S-22 Tank, the big brother to the original S-17.

Why do a larger version?

The S-22 tank allows for a proper mouth to lung (MTL) vape, which we feel is an area of the market that has been chronically under-served. With the limitations on tank capacity and bottle sizes we feel there is a new position in the marketplace for an outstanding mouth to lung experience. MTL uses less liquid, and that's a good thing for your wallet.

The tank also has the ability to use Direct Lung (DL) coils, if that's what you choose, and it will soon have Temperature Control (TC) coils available as well if you plan to use it with our amazing SERIES-B 75W DNA device (arriving later in March).

So, is that not all one massive step forward?

Well kind of…..

Where we have taken one step back is in a couple of areas.

One - Supply of e-liquids

We have been out of stock for far too long of too many flavours. I won't dwell on the why, as you don't care. Suffice to say that it is our responsibility to ensure supply. We have taken action and fixed the problem, but we know that the situation was and is unacceptable. We have let you, our loyal customers down, and for that we are sorry.

Two - Postage

When analysing our postage offerings, we identified some areas in which we needed to improve. That's why we have reduced the cost of our 24hr Royal Mail Tracked service to just £3.85 - only 90p higher than the standard service.

Thank you for your custom and being patient with us.