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Fruits of the Forest E Liquid

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    Our Fruits of the Forest e liquid is jam-packed with blended summer berries to create a flavoursome, mouthwatering combination. Think strawberries, blackcurrants, blueberries and raspberries all crushed into one bottle. This fruits of the forest e liquid is a balanced experience, leaning slightly to the sweeter side.

    Looking for nicotine-free? You'll find the same great Fruits of the Forest flavour in our picNIC range instead where you can pick up 50ml of nicotine-free e liquid for just £12.99.

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    Vapour Flavour Guide

    What strength?


    If you’re a heavy smoker, 18mg is as strong as it gets.


    Smoking 10-20 per day? 12mg is the best place to start.


    For regular smokers (up to 10 per day), or experienced vapers using a sub ohm device


    For very light/social smokers, or experienced vapers using a high power device.



    PG or VG?

    High PG

    Delivers plenty of throat hit and flavour, and are a popular choice among new users or mouth to lung vapers.

    High VG

    Offers a smoother overall vape, with buckets of vapour production. An ideal choice for direct lung vapers.


    An equal mix of PG and VG, delivering a great balance of flavour, throat hit and vapour production, suitable for use in most devices.

    Great all day vape

    Add a sweet note to your day with this amazing balance of all the best berries. Goes well as an all-day-vape or as an occasional fruity fix.

    Also available in


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  • FAQS

    What is PG/VG?

    The mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is what makes up the base of your e liquid, before flavourings and nicotine strength.

    In short:

    • PG is best for providing the familiar throat hit you associate with tobacco cigarettes and delivering clear flavour. High PG e liquids are thinner and are best for use with Mouth to Lung tanks/coils.
    • VG produces vapour and a smoother, rounded overall vape. High VG e liquids are thicker, and tend to perform best with Direct Lung tanks/coils and used with larger capacity batteries.

    Most e liquids contain a mix of PG & VG to achieve a balance of flavour, vapour and throat hit. Your personal preference and device should help you choose what balance of each you’d prefer.

    *We recommend liquids higher in PG for smokers and new vapers

    Which nicotine strength should I choose?

    Choosing the right e liquid strength makes all the difference when you’re starting out. Everyone is different, and the device you use will make a difference too, but broadly:

    • 0mg – If you’re absolutely ready to vape without nicotine. Not recommended for regular or heavy smokers switching to vaping for the first time.
    • 3mg – If you’re a very light or social smoker, 3mg is a good choice. Or if you are using a sub-ohm (Direct Lung) set up.
    • 6mg – For more regular smokers (less than 10 per day), or heavier smokers using a sub-ohm (Direct Lung) set up.
    • 12mg – Smoking around 10-20 per day? 12mg is normally where we’d start.
    • 18mg – If you’re a heavier smoker, and 12mg isn’t cutting it, 18mg is as strong as it gets.

    Anything else I should know?

    As High VG e liquid is thicker, make sure to allow plenty of time for the wick in your coil to saturate before you start vaping (to learn how to prime your coil, read the instructions in your JAC device instruction manual).


    We take the safety of the items we sell very seriously. All of our products are regulated, tested and audited to meet UK and EU standards. Shopping with JAC means, you have peace of mind, that the hardware or E-liquids you are purchasing have been independently tested and verified as safe for use. More information on our safety and quality controls.

Customer Reviews for the Fruits of the Forest E Liquid

  • Really Enjoy - by Graham, 28 April 2019
    Since trying different makes of juice and not knowing if they were really made in the uk I did a search and found this, purchased a few times now and really enjoy the product, though I think it’s a little expensive............JAC Vapour Ltd: I can safely say the pre-mixed we do is entirely UK sourced and manufactured, and in full ISO accredited labs, it also has been, and we are very careful about this, it does mean the the product is a bit more expensive, but as a business we would never compromise on the quality of the liquid we use, or cut any corners, we are all putting this stuff into our bodies after all. If you like the flavours and quality but want a cheaper way to get that experience, I suggest looking at the picNIC range, it has the same flavours from the same productions lines, but it's a lot more affordable, you basically choose your base, and then add the desired flavouring (like mixing a up a diluted drink) it's very simple and it saves alot in cost, the end result is the same flavours in any base you want, with the same high quality. The mixed juice needs to sit for a few days for the flavour to mature, then you can vape away normally, it's super simple, so I hope this helps.
  • Mediocre - by Carl, 3 April 2019
    Mediocre, can't pinpoint any type of fruit flavour in this vape, a bit like buying cheap supermarkets squash.
  • Sour Blue less the bubblegum - by Fiona, 21 March 2019
    As we speak, I'm carrying out a taste test with 2 different machines.. This is, essentially, a less sweet and less bubblegummy version of the sour blue sorbet.
  • My go to vape - by Mike, 29 July 2018
    As a new vaper I've tried a wide range now of different brands and types, have to say though I have always returned to this one. Tried both the PG and VG versions and settled on the VG. Gives a smooth experience, nice cloud and subtle taste which is just clean but baked with flavour - very pleased with this
  • A surprisingly good fruit juice with highly restrained sweetness - by DMcC, 6 July 2018
    This juice came as a real surprise to me. Having tried it now in both a DL and MTL setup, there is a lovely mouth full of fruit on the inhale, which quickly gives way to a more subdued earthen tone which while a bit surprising to me at first, I've come to really enjoy. Too many fruit-based juices go nuts on the sweetener which ruins the experience IMO; leave that to the "candy" flavours. This juice almost goes the other way and is so lacking in sweetness that I'm sure it would turn some people off. If you're really after the flavour of the fruit and can do without the excessive sweetness, this is a wonderful option. Refreshing, and something you're unlikely to get sick of unless you dislike the more earthy tone I'm referring to (and explaining badly I'm sure). Would definitely like to get more of this stuff personally although I'm rating it 4 stars as I feel like there could be a better rounding out of the flavour profile, rather than what I'm perceiving as a quick descent to the earthy profile which took some getting used to.
  • My favourite - by Laura, 27 April 2018
    This is my favourite e-liquid. I always use Jac - I've have tried countless 'premium' juices from other brands and nothing has ever come close. Fruity flavours are my favourite and this never disappoints. It doesn't burn out my coils and the flavour is always strong.
  • That one best taste ive ever used.. so fresh and real. No sweet but taste awesome.i realy wana orther it again..i love the jac quality. - by Shaya, 29 January 2018
    Best ever
  • Fresh Fruits - by Mutlu, 29 January 2018
    Best price, should taste it Love this flavour. Best I've ever had!
  • Lovely Fresh Fruity Flavour - by Mark, 29 January 2018
    A delicious flavouring, full of fruit. Especially nice when mixed with some blueberry for the JAC Vapour recommended "Chuck Berries" recipe. A nice all-day vape.
  • Love it - by Paul, 29 January 2018
    Been vaping for a month now and have tried about 15 different liquids so far this is my favourite by a long way, kind of tastes like mixed summer fruit cider. Very nice!

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