No Smoking Day 2016

Published by Matt Brown on 9th Mar 2016

March 9th is No Smoking Day, so there's no better time to make the switch to vaping than right now.

If you, or someone you know, are thinking of making the switch to vaping and are considering which would be the best e-cigarette for you, have no fear - below we've put together a short list of our most popular starter kits. We offer a wide range of kits to suit vapers of all levels of experience.

New Vapers

For new users, finding a kit which is easy to operate is often the most important part of the decisions making process. That's where our V1P PCC kits come in.

These kits are supplied with our V3i cigalike batteries, which are small, discrete and highly portable. Each kit is also supplied with a portable charging case (PCC), which allows you to charge your batteries on-the-go.

These kits are the best choice for those who are brand new to vaping and who are looking for a device which closely resembles the look and size of a tobacco cigarette.

Need a Bit More Power

Our best-selling SERIES-E kits are the perfect choice for vapers old and new. These stylish, variable voltage batteries each have a 1000mAh capacity, and should last even heavy users most of the day on a single charge.

They serve as a common entry point for new users, but also represent a significant upgrade from the V3i range of batteries and kits. If you've been vaping with a cigalike for a while and are looking at your upgrade options, the SERIES-E is the way to go.

The SERIES-E range was also recently expanded to include black and silver models, which sit alongside the original stainless steel version.

Advanced Vapers

If you're looking for something which offers a bit more power, our SERIES-B Tilt is a great choice. While this is a device which includes some more advanced features, it still remains relatively straightforward for even brand new users to get to grips with.

Designed by JAC Vapour right here in the UK, the SERIES-B offers up to 40W of power while supporting coils builds as low as 0.2Ohm. It's got the grunt to support the demands of sub-ohm vaping while still being positioned to work well with more traditional 510 tanks at lower wattages.

Earn £5 for Referring a Friend

Don't forget, you can still earn £5 to spend with us for referring a friend. To be eligible, simply send a referral link to your friend from your JAC Vapour account. Once your friend has signed up and successfully placed their first order with us, your account will be credited with £5 to spend online.