• Cigarette Price Increase 2023

    23rd Feb 2023

    Cigarette Price Increase 2023

    Smokers brace yourselves: next month, you'll be facing the biggest-ever price hike in cigarettes due to raised tobacco duty prepared by Jeremy Hunt. The average pack of 20 cigarettes will go…

    Published by Lewis Snowden

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  • 4th Apr 2018

    It’s Vapril – what does that mean?

    The UKVIA has created an industry led awareness month to help smokers make a switch to vaping.Before VApril there was Stoptober which is a public health led initiative to help smokers give up any whic…

    Published by Emma Logan

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  • 28th Dec 2017

    New Year's Resolution

    With Christmas over, attention is inevitably turning instead to New Year (or Hogmanay as it's known here in Scotland). The party of the year for many, it's an opportunity to wave goodbye to the previo…

    Published by Matt Brown

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  • 9th Mar 2016

    No Smoking Day 2016

    March 9th is No Smoking Day, so there's no better time to make the switch to vaping than right now.If you, or someone you know, are thinking of making the switch to vaping and are considering which wo…

    Published by Matt Brown

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  • 18th Sep 2015

    Stoptober Survival Guide

    As summer fades into autumn, Stoptober is approaching quickly. To help the thousands of people choosing to switch to vaping next month, we’ve put together a handy survival guide to help you navigate y…

    Published by Matt Brown

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  • 10th Aug 2015

    Quitting Smoking

    A news report has surfaced this week which potentially points towards smokers choosing to forgo NHS cessation services and switching to e-cigarettes instead. In the story, published by the BBC…

    Published by Matt Brown

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  • 11th Mar 2015

    Never Too Late

    An article sent to JAC Vapour by 82 year old customer, Terry Walker, proving it's never too late to switch to vaping.Smoking of cigarettes is a well established practice which has fallen into disreput…

    Published by Terry Walker

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