Milk before coffee, or coffee before milk?

Published by Neil McCallum on 23rd Aug 2017

There are lots of debates we have at JAC. Half of our office believe that you cannot add milk to your coffee until you have added boiling water. The other half are wrong!

We have the same debate about Android vs IOS and smart watches. We really cannot agree on most things. For the record I am in the IOS camp!

So with the endless debates on even the simplest of things, it is a miracle that we agree on anything! What we agree on how is important to us. It means the endless debates and discussions have been fruitful and meaningful.

We agree that we should introduce considered e-liquids for the discerning vaper. Step forward the first two flavours of “Bryn’s Special Sauce” which launched on the 11th August. These are unique complex flavours that we love, they are made from the finest ingredients, in ISO approved laboratories and we hope that you love them as much as we do. Plus, there's a third on the way very soon.

We all agree that the SERIES-S range provides a brilliant Mouth to Lung Vape and is flexible enough to provide an excellent Direct Lung Vape as well, plus we have temperature control coils for it too.

We all agree that the SERIES-S requires additional battery life and top-fill. We will launch new additions to the SERIES-S range throughout September and October to meet these needs.

We all agree that we should offer a variant SERIES-B DNA 75W to accommodate 25mm tanks. We will launch that at around the same time.

We all agree that we should expand picNIC exponentially, so watch this space as there is a lot of new flavours and changes to picNIC currently under development.

We will also introduce more unique to us pre-mixed guest ranges in the next few months. We will keep you updated.

So our basic philosophy is that if we agree, we do it.

With a further three hardware devices, and new tanks, in development, it is as busy as always here at JAC. We just need to agree on the projects currently in development and we will bring them to market as soon as possible.

As always thank you for reading, I am away to make a coffee in the correct way!