How Much Are Disposable Vapes In The UK?

You may be wondering how much are disposable vapes in the UK? For people who smoke, there is an incredible saving to be made by transitioning from a traditional cigarette to a disposable vape.

If you are currently vaping, some methods of vaping are more expensive than others.

Disposable vapes are an incredibly convenient, fuss-free vaping method available around every corner store, garage forecourt and supermarket. Disposable vapes can vary in price depending on brand and model, however, the average price here in the UK ranges between £5 - £10 per disposable vape.

If you want to know more about how do disposable vapes work or how long do disposable vapes last, check out our helpful guides.

Know Your Price Per Puff

Price Per Puff is a term we use here at JAC Vapour, to discover the true cost of devices and vape juice. Because some of our vape juices are fractions of a penny per puff, our price per puff is calculated against 100 Puffs. The 'Price Per Puff' is found by taking the overall cost of the disposable vape or e-liquid, dividing it by how many puffs you would get and then multiplying by 100.

If we were to look at the cost of smoking using the Price Per Puff method, then you may be shocked. The average price of a 20 Pack of King-size cigarettes (in the UK) is £12.67. Each cigarette provides around 14 Puffs, equating to only 280 puffs per pack. This means that it costs around £4.52 per 100 puffs.

When you compare this to a disposable vape, you come in at around 80p per 100 puffs, which costs a fraction of a cigarette pack. On average a disposable vape hold around 300-650 puffs per device.

However, disposable vapes are one of the most expensive ways to vape. After the purchase of a vape pen, a bottle of our 10ml vape juice makes vaping only cost 8p per 100 puffs, a staggering 56 times cheaper than smoking, on average. You can see how much you could save per year with our vaping cost calculator.

If you crave convenience, our Puff Box, the rechargeable disposable vape is the best of both worlds. It has the convenience of a disposable vape and at a lower cost than traditional disposable vapes. Our Puff Box refills contain up to 650 puffs and cost from only 34p per 100 puffs, you could save over 50% compared to a traditional disposable vape.

Wether you are transitioning from smoking to vaping, or looking at the best vaping value/quality ratio, you can't beat JAC Vapour.