How Long Do Disposable Vapes Last?

With Disposable Vapes becoming more popular and with the cost of living crisis, there is a big question at the forefront of everyones mind - especially those looking for methods to quit smoking and save money; how long do disposable vapes last, how much are disposable vapes cost in the UK and are they worth it?

The simplest answer we can give you is that it depends on a few factors, including the brand, your vaping style and how much e-liquid is contained in the disposable vape you buy.

The average Disposable Vape lasts around 400-600 puffs with a battery of 280mAh and a vape juice content of around 1.8-2 ml - which is the legal limit here in the UK. Either the device will run out of vape juice or battery life first. Once this happens, you have to dispose of the whole device, even if there is unused vape juice inside.

You may be thinking, what does that all mean? We don't blame you, you've probably bought a disposable vape for the ease and convenience. How much are disposables vapes in the UK? It means that if you were to get the average amount of puffs out of your disposable vape, for the average cost of £5.99, you will be paying around 83p per 100 Puffs.

Our brand new Puff Box, rechargeable disposable vape on the other hand is reusable. Instead of throwing away all of the device, you keep the casing and battery, reducing plastic and lithium battery waste, whilst responsibly disposing of the Puff Box Refill that houses the vape coil.

Each Puff Box Refill contains up to 650 Puffs, and with two in a pack at £5.49, you're only paying around 42p per 100 Puffs.