Can you take disposable vapes on a plane uk?

There are many different rules and regulations about having vape devices, and you may ask can you take disposable vapes on a plane? The answer is yes, but with restrctions and it is very important that you follow all of these rules, however be aware that they can change depending on the airline or airport.

Here's some quick tips and information about taking your favourite vape devices with you to enjoy the sun or during your commute.

Can you take vapes on a plane?

The short answer is yes. You can bring your vape devices with you on an aircraft and before you board in the airport within your hand luggage. However, if you are travelling abroad, we recommend checking the local vaping laws of the country you are visiting, as it may not be worth taking it with you.

Vape devices, including disposable vapes must be kept in your hand luggage at all times while in an airport and after boarding the plane. As they contain lithium-ion batteries, which can be a fire risk, they must kept in your hand luggage. This also means that you cannot put them in your hold luggage (big check-in suitcase). This is strictly prohibited and must be adhered to.

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As long as you follow the general rules and regulations of the security check at the airport, you shouldn't encounter any difficulties while travelling with your disposable vape.

Please check with the airline and airports you are visiting before travelling, as they may have different rules and regulations.

How Many Disposable Vapes Can I Take On A Plane?

There is no global set rule for how many disposable vapes, or vape devices you can carry on you within an Airport or while on a plane.

Each airline will have a limit of how many disposable vapes you can take on a plane, so we recommened checking with your airline. The average limitation on disposable vapes you can take on a flight is around 15-20 per person, so as long as you are only taking a handful, you should be okay.

Can I Vape On The Plane?

For commercial flights, vaping is strictly forbidden while on the plane, just like smoking. Vape devices must be stored in your hand luggage at all times during your trip.

Each airline will have instructions on how vape devices must be stored during your flight. Information will be found on their website or during and pre-flight communication and notices throughout the airport.

While there are disposable vapes and vape juice out there that create an undectable vapour, we recommend that you do not use these on an airline as they are still counted as a vape device.

We recommend checking the airlines rules and regulations before your flight.

Can I Vape In An Airport?

Most airports follow the rule that you cannot vape or smoke from when you enter to when you leave. Some airports will have designated ares for people to go and vape.

It is recommended that you check with the airport regulations before you travel. It is also wise to check the local laws on vape devices if you are travelling abroad.

Should I Take Disposable Vapes Or A Vape Pen On A Flight?

It all depends on your personal preference, as there are a few things to consider. While taking your vape pen with you will provide the same, personal vape that you are used to while on your holiday there are a few reasons to take a disposable with you instead.

Vape Pens or Box Mods are more likely to get damaged while travelling. If you have a device with a removable tank or any connections, they can become prone to bending or breaking during travelling. The last thing you want is to break your favourite vape device on the way out and have to purchase something while you are on holiday. How much do disposable vapes cost in the UK?

• E liquids are more likely to leak. Due to the change in pressure while on your flight, if your vape pen contains any vape juice it may get pressuriesed and leak out of the tank. Causing a mess in your hand luggage that you really don't need while dealing with the stress of travelling.

• Vape Juice must be dealt with like any other liquids. Taking your own vape juice with you sounds great at first as you will get the flavours you truely love, however you will need to remove them from your hand luggage during security checks and place them in that clear bag.

• Disposable Vapes are lighter and more compact. Due to the design of most disposable vapes, including the NICNAC and the Puff Box, they are more compact and weigh less than their vape pen counterparts. This makes them easier to travel with and take up less room in that luggage allowance.

UK Airline Vape Rules

Here is a quick link to some of the UKs most popular Airlines and their guidance on vaping and conduct on board their flights.

Jet2 - Conduct On Board
easyJet - Restricted & Unusual Items
Ryanair - General Terms & Conditions (8.4.1)
British Airways - Restricted & Prohibited Items

The Puff Box - The Rechargeable Disposable Vape

We know that one of the most annoying things about going on holiday is packing. Especially if you are trying to fit in 5 or more full size disposable vapes in your hand luggage, which is more than likely a bag that's already too small. With the Puff Box that is a worry of the past.

The Puff Box is small and compact and uses small twist-in refills that take up next to no room at all. So rather than having to pack 5 or more individual vapes, you only have to pack one. Measureing at only 59.5mm tall and 36mm wide, the Puff Box is super compact with a powerful 650 mAh battery which will last you all day while exploring your holiday destination.

What Nicotine Products Can I Take On A Plane?

While you cannot vape or smoke within an airport, there are other ways that you can still get your daily dose of nicotine while travelling. There are a few options out there, most of which you can get over the counter however if you are suffering with a health condition, pregnant or breast-feeding we recommend speaking with your GP before using other methods.

Nicotine Pouches, such as Nordic Spirit are the perfect substitute for vaping or smoking while travelling through an airport. They are perfectly discreet and still pack a punch, delivering nicotine in a quick manor. Coming in many different flavours and strengths, there is a Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouch for everyone.

The flavoured nicotine pouch is placed in your mouth, usually in the upper lip between your gum and cheek. The nicotine and flavour is then absorbed through the gum, providing nicotine through a slight tingling sensation. Like vaping, nicotine pouches contain far fewer chemicals than smoking a cigarette, while still delivering nicotine to the user.

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