50ml Real Tobacco Silver e liquid mixing kit

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50ml Real Tobacco Silver picNIC kit

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    We dialled back the smoky intensity for this one. A smoother, yet still realistic tobacco flavour which has been steeped with real tobacco leaves for that added authenticity.

    Now you can also select a nicotine salt base for your mix. Nic salts offer fast nicotine delivery and a smoother overall vape, even at high nic strengths. The most authentic experience around.

    Each picNIC 50ml Pack includes:

    • 4x 10ml bottles of liquid base
    • 1x 10ml bottle of flavour concentrate
    • 1x Empty 50ml mixing bottle

    Simply pour your base and flavour concentrate into the empty mixing bottle, give it a shake, and you're good to go.

    Choose from 4 different PG/VG blends - including Pure VG and vapourless Clear Steam mixes.

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Availability: In stock

From: £12.99

To: £13.99

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Customer Reviews for the 50ml Real Tobacco Silver picNIC kit

  • Definitely not a winner - by Fiona, 11 October 2018
    While this is not the absolute worst tobacco flavour I've ever tried, this is the only liquid that's made me feel physically ill. I managed to make it usable by diluting it with about 80% other tobacco flavours but it's just very sickly sweet, even though the description says it's not sweet. I'm really disappointed as there are only 2 tobacco flavours available in the picnic range, and I daren't try the tobacco gold after my experience with the silver! More picnic tobacco flavours please JAC - you've got some really nice ones in JAC Originals!.................JAC Vapour Ltd: Smo-king and JAC originals will come to picNIC soon, also if you don't like this, don't go near the Gold as it's just a stronger version of this.
  • Clogs coils very quickly - by Andrew, 30 March 2018
    Having tried a premixed 10ml bottle, I was happy to try the picnic version. Sadly it hasn’t worked out.
    With the recommended 20% added the coil completely clogged after using only 7.5ml. Virtually no vapour production at all. I was ready to blame the S22 coils, but tried again with my nautilus 2. That clogged just as quickly.
    Reducing the flavour concentration to 10% has increased coil life to 15ml which is just about OK, but not great.
    I don’t know whether it’s the very dark brown colour of the liquid or some sweetener in it. Doesn’t matter really. It’s a nice flavour, but a coil killer.
    Sorry JAC!........................JAC Vapour Ltd: To be honest I am not sure why this would be the case, it could be you were right with blaming the coil, as the Nautilus just don't handle VG at all, but our S-coils should, if you want to risk it again please try one more coil priming in the top of our coil and then also on both wick holes. I tend to put 3-4 drops in the top of the coil and flood it to make sure it's completely saturated, then flick any excess out if it gurgles. Beyond that I am struggling as this flavour is not really a coil buster, or not reported as such, I don't use it often myself. If you fins it is the coil, then contact CS and they will replace the pack free of charge. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Clogs up the coil - by Sean, 23 March 2018
    First time trying this product and have notice that the coil is quickly clog up on use. Tested against a regular liquid and found that the coil lasts 5 times longer. Ends up costing more on coils.
  • I keep coming back - by Dan, 28 January 2018
    I've been using Jac for all my vape liquid for three years now. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my juice as in my opinion they have the best flavours and best prices.

    I used to buy the standard Real Tobacco gold and silver already mixed but have now discovered Jac's picnic range which saves me a lot of ££'s and still with the great flavour that I keep going back to.
  • Cannot separate 50ml bottle nozzle from cap - by Rachelle, 18 January 2018
    I'd love to be able to review this but for the life of me I am unable to separate the 50ml nozzle from the cap and so cannot use the liquid at all. Is there some trick to this? Is it just me?., .......................JAC Vapour Ltd: It should juts pull off, it can be stiff, a pair of pliers will definitely remove it, if you can't get it off, normally fingers are all that's required, you may juts have got one that's tight.
  • Not bad at all! - by Thomas, 4 November 2017
    I like the 50ml Real Tobacco Silver picNIC E-liquid.
    The Gold has more flavour but the Silver is pretty good.
  • Great flavour for when you have just quit smoking cigarettes - by Catherine, 22 September 2017
    I've tried vaping before and it's never stuck. My colleague suggested I get tobacco flavour base with a shot of toffee. I have been vaping my concoction for about 2 weeks now and it's great. Tastes just like I'm smoking but ever nicer because of the toffee shot.........JAC Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, and you're right, toffee or caramel tobaccos are nice, same goes for vanilla, that's the beauty of picnic, juts add a dash of whatever you feel like, that and the cost.

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