50ml Pure Menthol e liquid mixing kit

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50ml Pure Menthol picNIC kit

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    Icy cool, this is an arctic blast of menthol flavour. A real eye-opener, Pure Menthol is intense and refreshing.

    Now you can also select a nicotine salt base for your mix. Nic salts offer the most realistic replication of the smoking experience, with fast nicotine delivery and a smoother overall vape, even at high nic strengths.

    Each picNIC 50ml Pack includes:

    • 4x 10ml bottles of liquid base
    • 1x 10ml bottle of flavour concentrate
    • 1x Empty 50ml mixing bottle

    Simply pour your base and flavour concentrate into the empty mixing bottle, give it a shake, and you're good to go.

    Choose from 4 different PG/VG blends - including Pure VG and vapourless Clear Steam mixes.

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Availability: Out of stock

From: £12.99

To: £17.98

Customer Reviews for the 50ml Pure Menthol picNIC kit

  • Mixing bottles still not optional - by Peter, 10 September 2018
    In the past I complained about having to take mixing bottles with each bundle order. At the time you replied that you were in the process of making the bottles optional. Well, here I am again, with a growing bundle of useless waste.

    JAC Vapour: Hi Peter. Due to the way the listings are set up, making the bottles optional could lead to confusion and leave some customers without a mixing bottle when they order. If you'd rather not receive the bottle with your order though, simply drop our customer service team an email on sales@jacvapour.com and they'll be happy to arrange to have the bottle removed manually. We'll also look at how we can improve the listings in future so that we can offer it is an option.
  • Love it! - by Jodie, 22 July 2018
    Great flavour, good value and the clear steam option is AMAZING!
  • Happy Bunny - by Kate, 21 June 2018
    Oh my goodness. Yesterday was looking to see if 12mg Pure Methol was back in stock and Tomas popped up on the chat. He told me if would be back in a couple of days but asked if I wanted to try the picNIC kit. Cutting a long story short, it arrived this morning and it is amazing. I’ve been using Pure Menthol for about 6 years and have never wanted anything else. Within a few minutes this lady of a certain age was sorted with my 50ml bottle - and this is the bestest bit of all. I moaned the face of the poor folk at JAC when they had to change to 10ml bottles. I have severe arthritis in my hands and struggle so badly with the 10ml bottles due to the hard plastic. Am now a very very happy bunny, not only brilliant taste but so so easy to use the bottle. Thank you JAC. You’re wonderful...…………..JAC Vapour ltd: Glad you like it, picnic saves a lot of money and is very easy, thanks for the review.
  • Great flavour - by Cammy, 22 March 2018
    One of the best menthol's I've used. Not too overpowering and has a minty aftertaste.
  • Great product, amazing flavour, value for money - by Neil, 21 January 2018
    Just about to order my third batch of 50ml pg 70/30. So far so good. Great flavour, great value for money. Ive not had any issues of gloopy or blocked nozzles. 50ml is lasting about a month and I fill up daily, give everything a wipe round to keep things nice and clean. Maybe that helps keep the nozzles etc free from issues.
  • Picnic liquid clumping - by LESLEY, 9 January 2018
    Just like a previous review, my mixed liquid soon develops clumps in it making it impossible to get out of the bottle without constantly unblocking the nozzle. It has also left small particles in my tanks which are difficult to get out. It spoils the pleasure of using the PICNIC range and I have considered using other liquids from other companies. I don't want to do this as love the JAC VAPOUR BRAND but you've got to enjoy your vape and filling up time is no fun with this liquid. Yes I am mixing as instructions and shaking the bottle.............................JAC Vapour Ltd: Have you contacted Customer Service about this, I think the best thing to do is get full details of your setup and try and re-create the issue at this end, as I have used nearly all the picnic flavours extensively bar the Clearsteam bases, is it just pure menthol you put in? Has it happened recently, I am wondering if maybe the menthol is freezing during delivery or something with the cold weather. I'll pass this to CS as well, and see if we can figure it out. So they'll be in contact again.
  • Good but gets very tacky and difficult to get out of bottle - by Michael, 4 September 2017
    Great taste but 50 mls bottle gets very gloopy - bits start to from as soon as made up - with flecks appearing and when get towards end of bottle I have several times had to unblock with a needle the nozzle to get the liquid out as forms a mucus like plug . I don't know if with all bases as I tend to use Pure VG or 70:30 but doesn't happen with any other flavours.
  • Fantastic. - by Gazza, 23 August 2017
    Been using Pure Menthol from JAC for 3+ years, it's the best menthol out all brands I've tried which is why I always have some on my orders. Excellent value in the picNIC box too with 50ml being sub £14. I'll always be back for this.

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