4.2v Charger for SERIES-E Batteries
4.2v Charger

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4.2v Charger for SERIES-E Batteries

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    A 4.2v manual charger, purpose built for the SERIES-E Battery. This charger is also compatible with our normal 510 models. Using an incompatible charger with a battery will damage it.

    This charger is for manual SERIES-E batteries or manual JAC 510 only.

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4.2v Charger for SERIES-E Batteries (Short Lead)

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Customer Reviews for the 4.2v Charger for SERIES-E Batteries

  • Nice & compact charger - by Gary, 26 September 2017
    Very nice and compact charger for the Series-E, does exactly what it says and have had no issues with it at all.
  • Nice solid battery charger! - by Billy Holmes, 1 November 2016
    Nice solid battery charger, very pleased.
  • Broken Charger - by Andrew, 5 September 2016
    I made a complaint several days ago - no copy was kept - and so far no response. On first charging there were no issues. On the second the carefully tightened battery sheered the charger contact from its soft metal housing. The instructions mention care in tightening, as they do in respect of all parts on the main body. However, the difference between the stainless steel of the main body and what looks like a thin alloy receiving the thread of the charger, is dramatic and I am surprised that others have not reported this issue. I would describe mine as poorly designed and definitely not in keeping with the robust nature of the rest of the Series-E.
    I managed a recharge with the aid of a cunningly applied rubber band. Attempts at a more permanent gluing may well prevent a repeat.
    Given the 0.5% failure rate offered above I may have been simply unlucky or untypically clumsy - either way I have had an insight into its manufacture and it is far from robust, in my view not a design to depend upon each time a battery needs recharging........................JAC Vapour: Customer service have made me aware that they have received your email today, but not the previous one, we were updating our site last Thursday, and potentially if you emailed then it has gone astray, so I'm sorry about that. the chargers are covered by a 6 month warranty and it will replaced quickly free of charger, I've also been advised they make sure then send a back one spare one just incase.
  • Charger - by Tim, 26 April 2016
    Necessary bit of kit to have at work and home. No issues so far.
  • Brilliant portable charger. - by Sohail, 29 February 2016
    Seems to charge batteries incredibly quick and is easily portable. No issues so far.
  • 2nd Scattydog review - by James, 25 February 2016
    Yes the charger I've had trouble with alot too had my e series vap kit for along time, the USB with the lead is very poor design too, ok yea jacvapour customer service team are gd, but why give us low quality goods for a gd vap kit, it really needs looking in too, as my second charger is playing up at times now :/..........................JAC Vapour: I am sorry you are having issues with the chargers, however we do sell al lot of these and have relatively few issues inside the warranty period, so your experience is different from most. Things to check are your power supply, do you always use the same usb socket, have you attempted to use a different one to see if it makes a difference, are you using a high amp rated usb adapter designed for a phone. To put it into perspective the fail rate on this product within a 6 month period is less than 0.5% so to have 2 or 3 fail within 6 months suggests a different issue, the normal culprit is a faulty phone usb adapter, meaning it's providing too high an ampage and blowing the chargers surge protection, you usb adapter should only be rated 1amp.

    1st review: The quality and performance consistency is poor, with two main problems:-
    i) The thread goes after a while as made from low quality metal
    ii) they stop working and do not recharge the battery

    Jac Customer service have been great and provided free replacement, but this is inconvenient.... come on Jac we expect bettter quality than this!
  • Good product - by Janice, 19 October 2015
    Very good product but the maximum amount of time before replacement appears to be about 4 is sturdy and well made
  • Good product - by Janice, 19 October 2015
    Very good product but the maximum amount of time before replacement appears to be about 4 is sturdy and well made
  • Charger - by Janice, 12 June 2015
    Very good
  • Charger - by CAROLANN, 20 May 2015
    I've had to purchase a number of these and they seem to stop working within a month or so. ........JAC Vapour Ltd: All the chargers are covered by a 6 month warranty, so you do not need to purchase these, they would be replaced free of charge if failing within a month. However if you are having multiple issues of chargers failing in a month then I suspect something else is going on, may be a potential fault with the plug or adapter, possibly a surge in the power. Please contact customer service and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

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