New to vaping - Why choose a box mod?

Published by Matt Brown on 10th Feb 2017

One of the most important choices a new vaper will make is the type of device they choose to use. So, we thought we'd make the case for box mods.

For those not in the know, the term box mod is a bit of catch-all description covering all manner of devices. Today, however, it tends to mean a high-performance, regulated device, relatively boxy in shape, and usually fitted with some more advanced features such as variable wattage or temperature control.

So, as a new vaper, why should you choose a box mod over a more traditional vape pen or cigalike?

Well, for one thing, box mods have come on in leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Whereas they used to be fairly bulky units offering only a minor improvement in terms of battery life or power over smaller devices, today they are often much more streamlined.

Power and Battery Life

If battery life is your number one requirement when making the switch to vaping, a box mod cannot be beaten. Most devices currently available operate using removable 18650 IMR batteries which can have capacities exceeding 3000mAh. Compared to a cigalike or vape pen, where capacities will rarely get much above 1000mAh, there is no competition.

The high-drain cells which power box mods should be used, handled and stored with additional caution, however. While many devices still have a built-in battery, extra care should be taken when using removable cells to ensure that they are never stored where they can come into contact with other metal objects (i.e. loose in a pocket with keys or coins).

Power is also a big draw (boom boom) for many new vapers seeking as much throat hit or vapour production as possible. Box mods, such as our SERIES-B, offer huge amounts of power, which when paired with a suitable atomiser, provide some very impressive performance. It should be noted, however, that more power requires more from your battery, eating into the capacity much more rapidly than a more conventional set-up would.


The ability to try out some advanced features is another advantage that box mods have over the more conventional devices. Easy access to sub-ohm, variable wattage and temperature control vaping is there for those who want it, offering a degree of future proofing to allow you to grow into vaping as you go along.

So then, box mods aren't just for more advanced vapers. Is there a steeper learning curve? Yes, but this is less of an issue than in the past. Today's box mods offer a much more user-friendly interface, and should you decide you're not interested in huge wattage, or temperature control, or whatever other bells and whistles your device may have, they at the very least offer greater battery life.

If there is one downside to a box mod over the alternatives, it would have to be their large size relative to cigalikes or vape pens. While compact options are available (step forward again the SERIES-B), they'll never truly compete with their smaller cousins. If size isn't an issue for you, however, we'd have no hesitation in recommending a box mod.