Which Vape Starter Kit Should You Buy

Published by Matt Brown on 30th Oct 2014

One of the biggest benefits of making the switch to vaping is the wide range of choice available. No matter what your smoking habits are at the moment, you can be sure that there is a device out there which will suit your needs.

That said, it can often be a little overwhelming for new users to make a choice when presented with such an array of options. In order to try to make things a little clearer, we’ve laid out a brief guide to choosing your first kit.

When you start vaping, there is an element of trial and error to find the starter kit that best suits you.

JAC Vapour electronic cigarette starter kits are made up of the following:

You need to buy e-liquid separately.

Getting the correct combination of hardware and software (e-liquid – nicotine strength and flavour) is key to ensuring enjoyment of vaping.

We shall cover off 'finding the perfect strength and flavour of e-liquid for your' in a future article.

In this blog we shall focus on hardware, as this is the only starting point for choosing your perfect starter kit.

New to vaping or light smokers (approx. 10 tobacco cigarettes, or fewer, per day)

  • For those who don’t smoke particularly heavily or want their kit to closely resemble the size and shape of a cigarette, our V3i starter kits are a great entry point. They offer maximum portability, in a small and discrete form factor.
  • If you are a light smoker, a single battery may work for you (though we usually recommend having a second battery in rotation as well, which should mean you have a back-up in case of accidents).
  • V3i batteries start at 55mm in length, the closest in size to a real cigarette (which offer around 1-1.5 hours of vaping time per charge) and are also available 65mm, the most popular cig-a-like size, and 78mm versions too (around 2-2.5 hours of vaping time).
  • If you are on the go throughout the day, a useful addition to your kit is a portable charging case (PCC). These PCCs are portable battery packs and storage cases rolled into one, and allow you to charge your battery while on the move. If you have two or more batteries, this allows you to always have one on charge while the other is in use.
  • For those brand new to vaping, we’ve built a number of starter kits which include everything you’ll need to get started. Check out our starter kits section for further details.

Intermediate vapers or moderate smokers (approx. 10-15 per day)

  • For those who tend to be slightly heavier smokers, a V3i kit may still suit, though increased battery life would probably be welcome – so that your battery lasts longer on one charge than the smaller batteries.
  • For those who perhaps have a bit more experience with vaping, upgrading to a Vgo2 or JAC 510 kit may be the way to go instead.
  • Our Vgo2 and JAC 510 starter kits offer increased battery life, as well as more options for customisation. Upgrading to a larger battery model allows the use of a range of tanks, all of which hold more e-liquid than standard cartomizers (meaning less time spent refilling).
  • Many users upgrading to the larger battery kits for the first time still desire an electronic cigarette that is relatively small in size, but which offers improved battery life. For these people, we recommend the Vgo2 Crystal Mini, or JAC 510 400mAh kits.
  • Even larger batteries are available, which in turn offer greater capacity. Batteries are available with up to 1300mAh capacity – enough to last even the heaviest vaper a full day on a single charge.
  • Upgrading to a larger battery model also offers an increase in power. While our automatic Vgo2 batteries operate at the same voltage as the V3i range (3.7v), our manual Vgo2 and JAC 510 range operate at an increased 4.2v – meaning greater vapour production and throat hit.

Experienced vapers or heavy smokers (approx. 20 or more per day)

  • The heaviest vapers, or those who want to maximise the power or performance from their kit, often gravitate to a Variable Voltage kit.
  • Variable Voltage batteries offer the greatest level of user customisation. Using a simple disc mechanism mounted on the battery, the power output can be manually adjusted, enabling the user to select a setting which hits their sweet spot for vapour production and throat hit.
  • VV or Twist batteries also offer a higher power level than our manual Vgo2 or JAC 510 models, with a maximum of 4.8v available. Higher power settings will produce a greater level of vapour, and in tandem with the coil selected, allow the user to fine tune their vaping experience in a way not possible otherwise.