What are shortfill e-liquids?

Published by Sarah Dyer on 11th Jul 2018

Confused about shortfill e-liquids? There’s no need to be with the latest JAC Vapour blog. Read on to find out all you need to know…

What is a Shortfill liquid?

Shortfill e-liquids were created as a way to get around the TPD’s 10ml restriction on bottle sizes for any e-liquid containing nicotine.
With shortfill e-liquids, you get a large bottle which is only part-filled with 0mg e-liquid. There’s enough space left for you to pour in one or two 10ml bottles of high-strength e-liquid, so that it balances out to your required strength.
For example, if you add 10ml of 18mg e-liquid to 50ml of shortfill, 0mg e-liquid you’ll be left with 60ml of 3mg e-liquid.

How is it different from buying pre-mixed liquids?

When you buy a shortfill e-liquid, you’ll actually receive two or three bottles in total. One large, shortfill bottle containing no nicotine, and one or two 10ml bottles containing nicotine.
You’ll need to empty the two 10ml bottles into the large shortfill bottle, shake, and you have the same e-liquid which you’re used to buying.
That said, buying shortfill e-liquids is a cheaper option than buying 10ml pre-mixed bottles of e-liquid, so while the taste is the same, you’ll be saving some money whenever you stock up.

Who are Shortfills for?

Anyone looking to stock up on a lot of e-liquid for as cheap as possible! Shortfill e-liquids work out to have the lowest price per 10ml out of any of our kits or multibuy offers, making them an ideal choice for any heavy vapers or those of you using juice-hungry sub-ohm tanks.
However, because shortfill e-liquids are mostly made from nicotine-free e-liquid, this does mean that they are limited to the lower nicotine strengths. If you use 6mg e-liquid or lower, then a shortfill e-liquid is a great choice to go for.

Top 3 reasons to use a Shortfill

• They’ll save you money
• They’re quick and easy to mix
• No carrying around lots of small 10ml bottles

If you want to give shortfill a try, you'll soon be able to get all four of our bestselling Bryn’s Special Sauce flavours available in shortfill. That includes Sour Blue Sorbet, Te, Papricot Custard and the newest addition; Sour Lime Sorbet. They'll start from just £12.99 for 60ml of e-liquid… that’s just £2.16 per 10ml for our incredible gourmet e-liquid, so keep an eye on the site as they'll be available very soon.