What are picNIC DIY e-liquids and who are they for?

Published by Matt Brown on 22nd Feb 2016

One of the best things about vaping? The huge variety of flavours to try.

No longer are you restricted to just tobacco or menthol flavours, but a whole range of new flavour profiles too.

  • Our new range of picNIC, UK made ‘DIY’ e-liquids are the latest continuation of our efforts to offer customers the best selection of flavours possible.

Our picNIC range is designed to accommodate vapers who are looking for the added freedom of customising their e-liquids to their specific tastes.

picNIC is perfect for new vapers and experienced vapers alike. Anyone can use it. It is incredibly easy to use and the most cost effective way to try out new flavours, with the added bonus of knowing your liquids are safe and compliant, because they’re made exclusively by JAC Vapour.

How to use picNIC

Step 1. PIC your flavour
Step 2. Choose your NICotine Base
Step 3. Mix together
Step 4. Vape
(Step 5. Use our recipe guide to mix more than 1 flavour together to create new flavours)


We've curated a large selection of flavourings - 29 to start with, with more planned for the future, with which it's possible to mix hundreds, nay thousands, of new flavour combinations.

The initial line-up of flavour concentrates includes everything from Perfect Peach, to Real Aniseed, to Milk Chocolate, and plenty of other delicious flavours in between.

A picNIC starter kit comes with everything you'll need to get mixing:

1x bottle of base liquid, 2 x flavour concentrates (of your choice), 2 x empty mixing bottles and a syringe to easily combine your e-liquids with the minimum of fuss.

It could not be easier to blend your own e-liquids.

You're free to experiment to find your own perfect balance, but we do recommend starting with a 4:1 ratio, using 8ml of base with 2ml of flavouring to create 10ml of finished e-liquid. For most people, this offers the best balance of flavour, nicotine content and vapour production. If you like your flavour a bit stronger, however, just drop the amount of base by a touch and up the amount of flavour concentrate you use.

And if you don't plan on mixing up your own blends, we also offer flavour concentrates to match our existing range of Premium e-liquids.

If you're already a fan of our Strawberry Chew flavour, you can now mix your own. Find the flavour not quite punchy enough? Add a touch more concentrate to your own mix to give it a boost.

Flavour isn't the only consideration of course. DIY e-liquids also offer a considerable price-saving over a bottle of pre-mixed e-liquid. With 50ml bottles of base liquid available from £6.99 and flavour concentrates for £2.99, it's possible to create your own e-liquids and save money at the same time.


Our base liquids are available in four PG/VG ratios, with 5 x strengths available for each.

‘The base’ is what is used as the main ingredient in your blends, and contains PG, VG or a mix of the two, as well as containing the nicotine (unless you choose to go nicotine-free). Our usual PG and VG blends are both available (which contain a 70:30 split of PG/VG – VG/PG), while we're also offering a vapourless Clear Steam base (no VG) and a Pure VG base for the cloud chasers out there.

Nicotine bases are available nicotine-free (0mg), or in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg strengths. It's also possible to mix two bases together to achieve a strength somewhere in between (mix 0mg and 3mg together in equal parts, for example, to end up with a 1.5mg base).

Try it today.