What a summer

Published by Neil McCallum on 21st Aug 2018

It’s unusual for us at JAC to experience a proper summer here in the UK. Long spells of dry sunny weather… in Scotland! If we hadn’t seen it for ourselves, we wouldn’t believe it either.

The heady days of summer have not prevented us from our singular purpose of progressing vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, however. For us that continues to mean UK designed products backed by the best support, warranties and customer service that we can provide.

We play our part, whether it being Board members of various trade bodies, or meeting with Government to progress the case for vape.

We speak at conferences and continue to deliver our own unique message, on behalf of our customers both nationally and internationally.

At JAC we are, to a person, all ex-smokers who stumbled into vaping one way or another. We know it works and believe in its ability to help people either quit, or to choose a safer alternative.

That is why we are so pleased that our efforts and the efforts of other advocates has culminated in the publication of the Science and Technology Review last week. The Committee’s review will now be considered by Government and there is a potential for laws to change in the short-term.

The welcome news in the report includes the urging of government to reconsider nicotine strength restrictions, tank sizes, places where you can vape and advertising restrictions.

All would be welcome changes, the quickest possible one to implement is the relaxation of some of the advertising restrictions to allow us to make comparative health claims vs smoking. It is a unique position when an industry relies on Health Bodies to do their advertising for them, which is a truly farcical situation.

That said, I fear that this is the only relaxation of these advertising restrictions we may get. Which is sad.

Why sad? Well if you are already reading this blog, I suspect there is a high probability that you are a JAC customer already. This, hopefully, means that you understand the benefit of UK design, the longest warranties in the business, a 14 day No Quibble return policy, liquids manufactured in the UK and our ability to demonstrate the provenance of all liquid ingredients used in our supply chain.

You get that because of our dedication to quality that we only sell products that we control from start to finish. This, we hope, gives you confidence and builds trust that what you inhale is tested. That is why we only sell JAC products, it’s the only way we can ensure that we have your back.

We just wish we could advertise this fact!

As ever I would like to thank you for your custom and enabling us to progress our singular purpose. We are lucky and grateful for this opportunity. We won’t let you down.

We will keep you updated on any regulatory developments and in the mean time we have some new VIM colours to deliver, new liquid flavours to release and new box mods to get out in the market place.