Welcome to the JAC Pack

Published by Matt Brown on 30th Aug 2016

You may have noticed that things here at JAC towers have changed a bit recently. We've been making some changes to the site to help improve your shopping experience, and as part of this you'll have no doubt spotted that the way we reward our customers has also changed.

Our new loyalty programme, the JAC Pack, replaces our previous system, and gives us much more freedom to reward customer loyalty throughout the site. All existing JAC Vapour customers have automatically been moved over the JAC Pack, and any pre-existing points you may have had are already waiting for you to redeem them.

Now, however, you can also seamlessly earn points for participating in all manner of activities across our entire website. Love one of our products enough to share it with your friends on Facebook? You'll earn loyalty points when you do. Voting in one of our on-site polls? Fantastic - we'll deposit points in your account to say thanks.

See the extra benefits you'll receive as you move from Jack to King / Queen through to Ace

How you earn points isn't the only thing that's changed - we've also overhauled how you can spend them too. Once you earn enough points you can choose to trade them in for whichever reward you like (including money off your next order).

The JAC Pack has been split up into 3 tiers - Jack, King / Queen, and Ace. As you shop with us, you'll earn points (2 per pound spent), which help to determine you rank. Earn enough points and you'll move up to the next tier, unlocking a range of rewards including exclusive discounts, early access to new products and more.

So what are you waiting for? Login to your JAC Pack dashboard now to get started.