Vapers Beware - Countries Where Vaping is Banned

Published by Matt Brown on 28th Jun 2017

If you're heading off on your holidays this summer, travel insurance, packing and getting your currency may be the first things you consider. But here's why you should be thinking about your electronic cigarette too.

Sadly, despite the growing consensus in the UK that e-cigs represent a huge health benefit, the opinion in some other countries is radically different. When planning your trip abroad, make sure you know the legal status of e-cigs. You don't want to start your trip by getting your collar felt by Mexican police, so find out the countries where vaping is banned.


The official word in Brazil is that the use of e-cigarettes is banned. That said, there are plenty of anecdotal stories of travellers using their device without issue.

Hong Kong

Considering that most of the e-cigs in the world are made just North of Hong Kong, their stance on the subject is a little surprising.

In Hong Kong, the use of nicotine-containing e-cigs is strictly banned, punishable by a hefty fine and even a prison sentence. That said, how enforceable such a ban is may be open to questions. Nevertheless, Hong Kong is definitely somewhere to avoid vaping openly.


The import, manufacture, and sale of e-cigs is banned, though again there are reports of travellers successfully using their device without issue. The enforcement of the law may be spotty, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of security.


Like in Hong Kong, being caught with an e-cig in Singapore could land you with a steep fine or even lead to prison time. In Singapore's case, however, the ban extends to all e-cigs (whether they contain nicotine or not) and oddly enough, nicotine patches. You have been warned.


The use of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes is also banned here. You'll be OK when vaping nic-free, but you do not want to be caught with any nicotine-containing devices or e-liquids.

United Arab Emirates

Finally, if you fancy the sunshine and glamour of Dubai, you might want to think again. E-cigs are banned in the UAE, and being caught with one might lead to confiscation or worse.

And finally...

The above list shouldn't be thought of as exhaustive. In many cases, it's difficult to get a concrete information regarding the legality of e-cigarettes in certain countries. It's also true that many such 'bans' are only given lip-service.

Before you go, we always recommend doing your research and finding out a bit more about the legal situation in the countries you plan to visit.