Find your perfect flavour at our vape bars

Published by Matt Brown on 1st Mar 2016

For new vapers, finding the right e-liquid is often the trickiest part of making the switch to vaping. There are hundreds of options available, and for new users who are used to smoking just one type of tobacco, the choice can be a little overwhelming.

That's where our retail shops can help. In each of our high street shops we offer a vape bar, allowing customer to try as many of our e-liquid flavours as they like.

JAC Vapour now operates two shops; one in Leeds and one in Edinburgh. We also have plans to open further shops across the UK in future. As well as offering the same great range of products found on our website, each shop is set up with a fully stocked vape bar.

At the vape bar you'll find tanks filled with each of our Standard and Premium range, ready to go. If you fancy trying something different, you'll find a wide range of choice available - from fruity or dessert flavours, through to menthol, mint or tobacco.

If you're struggling with where to start, our friendly shop staff will be happy to make some recommendations.

The vape bar is great resource for vapers of all levels of experience. From those who are brand new to vaping, right through to those who have been vaping for years, the ability to sample a variety of flavours is the best way of ensuring you like an e-liquid before parting with your hard-earned cash.