Top 5 Vape Destinations

Published by Matt Brown on 10th Jun 2021

For the jetsetting vaper in 2016, there is (literally) a world of choice available to you when planning your next holiday. We've decided to try to make things simple, with our list of the Top 5 Vape Destinations.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City itself. If you've never been to Vegas, it should be high on your list of must-visit destinations.

From rolling the dice on the strip to the stunning shows on offer at many of the larger casinos, to the great food and entertainment on offer day and night, Las Vegas has earned its place as one of the most exciting cities on the planet.

For vapers, there are even more reasons to make the trip. Las Vegas is spoiled for choice when it comes to local vape shops, a very friendly attitude to vaping in most casinos, bars and even McCarran International Airport.

Vegas also plays host to the annual Vape Summit event for those who want to take things a step further.

Tampa, Florida

Florida offers a lot more than just the House of Mouse. For holiday-makers, the sunshine state has been a huge draw for decades, and the whole state is packed with things to see and do.

Tampa, in particular, is a great destination for vapers, with its vape friendly restaurants, bars and beaches. Get your tan on while you vape! It's also very well served by a number of local vape shops if you need to pick up supplies while you're away.

If you'll be in the area in March, Tampa is also home to the Vape Convention Circuit, a vaping convention which is frequented by some of the most well-known vape personalities around.


Ah, dear old blighty. We may be biased, but the UK is also a perennial favourite when it comes to holiday destinations.

While we may not have the sunshine, we more than make up for it in things to see and do. From the landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, to the metropolitan buzz of London, there's something for everyone across our islands.

For vapers, we're also still a relatively vape-friendly place to visit. There are no bans on public vaping here (despite some attempts in Wales), and while the TPD has changed what can be bought and sold, vapers will still find a great range of options in retail shops and online.

We also have our expos and conventions, including the Birmingham Vaper Expo in May, and UK Vapefest in August.


While it may (unfairly) be known primarily for more illicit reasons, Amsterdam is truly one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Tourists travelling to Amsterdam can expect fantastic public transport, but the city is seen best by touring the many canals on foot, or by canal-taxi.

There's also loads to see and do - from the Anne Frank House, to the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam is packed with history to explore.

You'll also be well catered for if you need to stock up from one of the city's many vape shops.


If stunning architecture is what you're seeking, Prague should be top of your list. From the Gothic spires of the town square, to the 19th century State Opera House, it's a city which wears its history on its sleeve.

Prague is also a great destination for the beer lovers out there, with brewing in the city dating all the way back to 993AD! You won't have to go far before stumbling over a brewery or beer garden, where you can sit and enjoy a tipple with your vape.

And finally, China

All things being equal, China should take the top spot in any list. It's, after all, where 99% of all vape hardware is manufactured. In all likelihood, whatever rig you've currently got in your hand, at least some part of it will have come from a Chinese factory.

Sadly, however, despite being responsible for the production of many of the devices we have access to, vaping has struggled to take off in China itself.

China is still the smoking capital of the world, with approx. 2.4 trillion cigarettes smoked there in 2012, roughly equivalent to 5 cigarettes per person per day (men, women and children).

Hopefully, we'll begin to see the messaging surrounding e-cigs change in China over the coming years. Once vapers there begin to see the benefits of making the switch, China will be the beneficiary of a massive public health boost.