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Tobacco Desert Ship 50/50 eliquid
Tobacco Desert Ship 50/50 eliquid bottle

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Tobacco Desert Ship 50/50

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  • Description

    This tobacco e-liquid is inspired by the heavier, nutty Turkish style tobaccos. All flavour with none of the sweetness often found in other tobaccos and e-liquids. If you enjoy the flavour of Camel cigarettes, then we recommend this e-liquid. Like our other e-liquids, this is compatible with any e-cigarette.

    Same great taste, same great price - now made in the UK! That's right, our ever-popular Standard range of e-liquids has switched production to the UK. All fresh batches of this e-liquid will be supplied in a 50/50 blend of PG/VG, offering the best balance of vapour, throat hit and vapour production. The original blend of 80/20 PG/VG is still available in selected SKUs while stocks last.

    With this being a fresh batch of e-liquid, giving them a good steep will help to bring out the best from the flavour.

    Available in 0mg, 6mg, 11mg and 18mg.

    Note: If you have an intolerance to PG (Propylene Glycol), we do offer a range of VG (Vegetable Glycerine) based e-liquids. For more information on allergies and PG versus VG e-liquid, visit our E-liquid Help section.

    All our e-liquids are batch tested in UK Labs to ensure quality, consistency and exact contents to JAC's exacting standards. Check out our Product Safety Information page for more information on JAC Safety procedures.

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10ml Tobacco Desert Ship - zero - 0mg

*NEW* 10ml Tobacco Desert Ship - zero - 0mg

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*NEW* 10ml Tobacco Desert Ship - low - 6mg

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*NEW* 10ml Tobacco Desert Ship - medium - 11mg

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*NEW* 10ml Tobacco Desert Ship - high - 18mg

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Customer Reviews for the Tobacco Desert Ship 50/50

  • Bring back the VG desert ship. - by Ian, 2 October 2017
    Like other customers have already stated bring back the full VG option i would hate to have to start looking for other sellers Desert Ship is the only flavour i vape................JAC Vapour Ltd: we will be adding some PG options in the future once we can get the TPD listing and approval sorted. There are PG options in all the picnic range flavours as well, so if you wish to try them our CS team will be happy to help you sample some.
  • Poorer for the change - by Hardeep, 12 September 2017
    Prior to the change this used to be my favourite flavour, but now with 50/50 split it doesnt taste of anything. Very poor.
  • Very nice! - by Thomas, 26 July 2017
    I really, really like this.
  • Bring back VG liquid !! - by Stephen , 5 July 2017
    Gutted not available in VG been using Desert Ship for 4 years now it's changed to to 50/50 and made in the UK it's nowhere as good as the original. Been using Jac Vapour products for years now but starting to look at other sites, so disappointed.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: Unfortunately we cannot bring back the old VG base and flavour, but we are working on more tobacco flavours, and we do also plan on adding the standard flavourings like Desert Ship to the picNIC range, which will mean it's available in loads of bases. Also I used to use Desert ship, and now I use the tobacco Silver in the picNIC range, if you have not tried this, contact customer service and they can send you a sample. It's not the same, but it is an exceptionally good tobacco, it's from our premium range, so more expensive in pre-mixed, but if you decide you like the sample, it can be ordered in picNIC as well, which reduces the price to £2.99/10ml , picNIC is easy to use, and customer service can advise on it, but basically you tip 40ml of the desired base and 10ml of flavouring (so 5x 10ml bottles) into an empty 50ml bottle and shake, there is no mixing or technical knowledge required.
  • Tozzing - by Dave, 24 March 2017
    Nice flavour. Slight sweet taste but not overpowering. Shall buy again.
    (Somebody said it tastes like Germoline. I've never tried it....whatever turns you on)
  • Thank you Jac - by Jenni, 4 February 2017
    This is my favourite, it has great flavour and good vapour. I use it along with the cigalike battery, and that will be it for me, no more cigarettes. Jac is definitely the best as far as I'm concerned.
  • Very Nice. - by Dominic, 18 November 2016
    I have three tobacco based flavours that I rotate throughout the day, and this is the one I always look forward to having most. It has a very pleasant taste which I really enjoy and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
  • AllTimeBest - by Kumar, 7 October 2016
    What else can i say its one of my fav one, alltimebest ... bring back some special memories and taste so nice and juicy ...love it :) a must try e-liquid.
  • Tastes like Germolene - by Pete, 18 August 2015
    I've been trying to find a tobacco eLiquid for my e-series which tastes similar to the pre-filled tobacco cartomisers (very nice). The standard tobacco is similar, but doesn't have the same full bodied flavour as the cartomisers. Thought I'd try Desert Ship as reviews suggested it was a fuller bodied more complex flavour.

    I loaded it up in my e-series and just thought it had a really sweet chemical flavour. I let it steep for 3 days but it made little difference. My wife pointed out that it smelt like germolene antiseptic and I have to admit that is exactly right.
    Definitely not a good tobacco substitute.

    The closest I've come is to mix real tobacco with standard tobacco, but it still doesn't hit the spot like the pre-filled tobacco cartomisers. Any suggestions what does?..............JAC Vapour: I would suggest revisiting the standard tobacco, it may just need a bit of steeping, as eliquid ages it matures due to exposure to sunlight and air, bottled eliquid tends to be brand new when it reaches us, the eliquid in cartomsiers can be around 3 months old, as we send them stock in advance. You can speed up the ageing process by leaving the top off, and allowing it to sit in sunlight, or warm place, after about a week, it will have matured enough to increase the depth of flavour, this process is known as steeping and most tobacco liquids benefit from it.
  • New Experience - by Steve, 20 January 2015
    I know taste is a personal preference. For me, having smoked one type of tabacco for years, when I tried this e liquid I loved the taste which was so different from what I am used to. Lots of different, subtle flavours that gave me a new, very positive experience. I use this as an occasional vape when I'm looking for something a bit different and exotic. As usual it's made to Jacvapours' high standards.

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