The Ultimate Guide to the Rechargeable Elf Bar

The Elf Bar is a popular brand of disposable vape that comes in various models, shape and sizes. While some are rechargeable, others are not. In this article, we’ll discuss how to charge your rechargeable Elf Bar and which models are rechargeable.

How to recharge an Elf Bar

Charging and recharging your Elf Bar is a simple process. Here’s how to do it if you have a rechargeable Elf Bar:

  1. Connect a USB-C cable to the charge port of your Elf Bar - This is usually found at the bottom of your rechargeable Elf Bar.
  2. Connect the USB-C cable to an available USB appropriate power outlet - Suitable for other small electronic devices such as your mobile phone.
  3. Once connected and charging - a glowing light will illuminate while the Elf Bar charges. Once it’s fully charged, the light will go off.
  4. Pass-thru Charging - With most rechargeable Elf Bar's you can use the device as it charges, a feature called pass-thru charging.

What Elf Bar Vapes are there?

Elf Bar is a well-known brand that offers various products, including some of the most popular disposable vapes & rechargeable elf bar pod vapes. If you have an Elf Bar, it's likely that it won't be rechargeable.

To help you out, here are two lists of all Elf Bar disposable products and which ones are rechargeable. We’ve also included the mAh of the battery, which indicates run times as well as charge times

The larger the mAh, the longer the battery life (the vape juice will run out in a non-rechargeable vape before the battery depletes).

Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes

• Elf Bar Elfa Pod (500 mAh)

• Elf Bar Mate 500 (500 mAh)

Non Rechargeable Elf Bar Vapes

MC600 (550 mAh)
• T600 (500 mAh)
• Elf Bar 600 (550 mAh)

• NC600 (400 mAh)
• Cigalike (280 mAh)

Unfortunately most Elf Bar products are not rechargeable, meaning that there is a lot of plastic and lithium waste produced, going straight to landfill or aimlessly littered on the streets.

We created the Puff Box which is the original rechargeable disposable vape which costs around 50% less than Elf Bars when comparing Price Per Puff. The battery capicity is also 30% larger than an Elfa or Mate 500, with it's whopping 650 mAh.

The Puff Box helps to reduce disposable vape waste by using easy-to-use twist-in refills.

Are all Elf Bar vapes rechargeable?

No, not all Elf Bar products are rechargeable as you can see above. The rechargeable Elf Bar disposables are a newer addition to the brand's lineup and not all of their older models have been updated with rechargeable batteries. It's important to check the product specifications before making a purchase.

Any rechargeable Elf Bar will use Elf Bar Pods.

If you're looking for a compact rechargeable disposable, look no further than JAC Vapour's very own Puff Box. It's the original rechargeable disposable and beats the Elf Bar on price, battery and size, directly from a trusted UK brand.

How long and when to charge an Elf Bar

This is where it is important to know which elf bar rechargeable device you have as charge time varies per model. Usually it will take around 30-90 minutes to fully charge, depending on the Elf Bar’s mAh rating and how low the battery is to begin with.

The most common Elf Bar rechargeable devices have a 500 mAh battery (30% smaller than our Puff Box), which on average has a charging time of approximately an hour. If however you charge before the indicator light blinks, it will obviously take less time than waiting until the battery is totally drained.

When your rechargeable Elf Bar blinks its indicator light it needs to be charged. Another clear indicator will be that the device will not produce any vapour.

All Elf Bar rechargeable vapes will have USB-C ports located on them, usually at the bottom of the device. However, try not to confuse this with the airflow port.

Rechargeable Elf Bar Cost vs Puff Box

We think that it is important that you see how much you could save by using the Puff Box rather than purchasing other big brand rechageable disposable vapes. That's why we created the handy and easy vaping calculator below, so you can see how much you could save.

How to use:

• Simply change the slider to the amount of disposable vapes you typically use a week.
• Update or amend how much you typically pay for your rechargeable Elf Bar Pods.

We also have other calculators to show you how much you could save by switching to vaping vs smoking, and also smoking vs using the Puff Box. You can check these out on our vape cost calculator page. You never know, you ould save yourself or friends a fortune.

Rechargeable Elf Bar FAQs

How Long Does A Rechargeable Elf Bar Last? 

A general rule of thumb is that a rechargeable disposable vape will last for the same amount of Puffs as the battery mAh. For example if the battery is a 650 mAh battery, it will last for around 650 puffs.

However, this is also dependant on your vaping habits and how long you draw on your vape for.

How Much Is A Rechargeable Elf Bar?

The price of a rechargeable Elf Bar depends on which model you purchase. You are most likely to spend around £7.95 for a 600 Puff device and £5.95 for a refill pod.

The Puff Box can save you up to 50% off your disposable vaping bill. While Elf Bars sit up at around 80p per 100 puffs, the Puff Box comes in a impressive 43p per 100 puffs. Plus, with easy-to-use twist in refills, available in 6 flavours, a compact design and a 650 mAh battery, the Puff Box is ready to go with you wherever you want.

Not only will you save money, you will also be reducing the amount of lithium and plastic waste going to landfill. Win Win for you and the planet!

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

Disposable vapes work in the same way as a typical vape pen. Both use a vape coil which soaks up vape juice that is heated by the battery to create vapour.

The only difference is that the coil in a disposable vape is hidden and you don't have access to change the coil after use. Instead you dispose of the entire disposable vape, including the coil, battery, circuit board and body.

The Puff Box is different than a traditional disposable as you keep the main device, including the battery, body and circuit board. This reduces plastic and lithium battery waste, with only the Puff Box Refills being disposed of.

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Why Does My Rechargeable Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

The main reason that your elf bar vape has a burnt taste is most likely due to the cotton within coil located in the device is not soaking up the vape juice stored inside. This leads to the cotton burning and producing a burnt taste.

As you cannot open Elf Bar vapes to fix the issue, we recommend contacting the store you purchased the device from to get a replacement and throw away or return the affected vape.

If you are looking for a device which you can change the coil over to something you prefer, such as a lower or higher Ohm, then check out our Vape Kits, where we have something for all vaping abilities.

How Many Puffs in a Rechargeable Elf Bar?

This depends on which device you purchase and your vaping habits. If you take long drags of your vape, your puff count will go down. However, we tend to say that you will get between 500-600 puffs from an Elf Bar pod.  

If you are looking to get a higher puff count from your disposable vape, then why not try out our Puff Box, which will give you around 650 Puffs per refill and costs you less.

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