The joy of being an independent vape company

Published by Matt Brown on 15th Mar 2018

Our role as one of the most experienced independent companies in the industry brings with it a lot of advantages, but also responsibilities. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

Our independence is truly one of the most important things about us.

For a start, we have total control over who we are and what we do. That means we’re free to design and manufacture our own products and respond to an ever-changing market without having to convince committees or appease shareholders.

This creative control also enables us to stay ahead of the game, both in the products we create, and in our commitment to standards and quality.

Long before the TPD was but a gleam in the EU’s eye, we already abided by a voluntary code of standards which involved a strict product testing regime, a ban on sales to under-18s and more. By the time the law caught up, most of what it brought into force was already old-hat for us.

And we did that because it made sense to do so. Creating a product is easy. Creating a quality product that’s backed up with years of experience and a commitment to high standards is not. But then the right thing never is.

We know what works, because we know what we’re talking about.

JAC was built by former smokers searching for an effective, safer alternative, and our commitment is to ensuring that the products we design and build are going to work, not just for vapers, but for the millions of smokers still out there who are yet to make the switch.

Our position as one of the most experienced independent vape companies around also brings with it a responsibility, however. A responsibility for honesty, and a responsibility to live up to the trust that you, our customers, place in us.

We owe it to you to reward that trust with quality products that do the job you expect them to do. We owe it to you to fight your corner when it comes to a hostile media, or disinterested government.

And we owe it to you to call out failures in our industry. If we don’t highlight what’s going wrong, how can we ever hope to improve vaping for everyone? That’s why, for example, long before it was a legal requirement to do so, we put our foot down and ruled out the use of chemicals such as Diacetyl in our e-liquids.

New regulations have been in place for almost two years at this point, so we hope others will follow our lead and catch up rather than continue to try to flout the rules.