The future of battery technology is here

Published by Matt Brown on 1st Apr 2016

In an industry as dependent on battery technology as ours, we’re always pushing to develop new and exciting products to help improve your battery life. So we’re pleased to announce the latest innovation from JAC Vapour: coming in 2016, our Real Move™ technology will revolutionise battery charging forever.

Think about how much you move during the day:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Table tennis
  • Climbing stairs
  • Extreme Frisbee
  • Fight club

Harnessing the power of movement itself, Real Move™ stores the kinetic energy you produce all day. Don’t let those watts go to waste, use them to charge your e-cig!

We have developed a brand new range of Lithium-Ion IMR batteries, each fitted with a Real Move™ kinetic dynamo. The first to launch, a 20A 18650 cell, has a base capacity of 2500mAh. Our patented drip-charge system effectively increases the available charge by 75% to the equivalent of 4400mAh*.

The battery is topped off continuously throughout the day as you move around performing your favourite activities. Kinetically. If you need a quick boost, simply take your Real Move™ battery out of your device, give it a vigorous shake, and you’ll be rewarded with a speedy partial recharge.

Real Move™ IMR cells can be charged with conventional IMR chargers too. So, if you’re having a lazy weekend, or if you’ve pulled a muscle playing too much table tennis, your Real Move™ batteries will still function just like a standard IMR cell.

Our Real Move™ batteries are compatible with most 18650 mech and box mods. Check manufacturer’s requirements before purchasing.