Talking PODs

Published by Neil McCallum on 30th Jan 2019

I often wonder if we communicate well enough that we are not a tobacco company. I also wonder if we communicate effectively enough that we are one of the only non-tobacco companies that are based in Western Europe, that design and controls the manufacturing of their own products for the mass market.

Are these items as important to you, the reader, as they are to us at JAC?

In-House Development

At JAC, we are dedicated to designing and developing our own ranges of both hardware and e-liquid. It fills us with pride that we only stock JAC products, as this offers us the best way of ensuring the quality of products meet our exacting standards.

I like the fact that our products are different than all the other generic products on the market and we like that our liquids are straight-talking in an increasingly ambiguous marketplace. We call a liquid with blackcurrant in it ‘Blackcurrant Squash’. Our no-holds barred menthol flavour? ‘Pure Menthol’.

Talking PODs

As we move into 2019, the marketplace is filled with an ever-increasing selection of POD devices. Generally, these compact cartridges contain a small amount of liquid with companies charging a premium for it. You can pick up expensive PODs, cheap PODs, large PODs, small PODs, PODs supporting variable wattage, refillable PODs and various methods of airflow control. It is all very confusing.

We have our own PODs (VIM PODs) which are filled with an 18mg Nic Salt liquid. Each containing 2ml of e-liquid, there are four of your favourite flavours to choose from; SMOKING Tobacco and Tobacco Menthol, Blackcurrant Squash and Strawberry Chew. These PODs are cross-compatible with both the VIM and the Wee VIM.

So, what’s the advantage of using PODs with your VIM?

1. They are ideal for customers looking for a no-fuss form of vaping. No carrying bottles of liquid and no changing coils. Charge, pop in the POD and vape.

This is ideal for smokers that are ‘dipping their toe’ into vaping. Once they become accustomed to vaping it’s easy to upgrade to a tank and gain experience with coil changing, opening up a whole world of new vaping styles and flavour options.

2. Secondly, we only offer our PODs in max strength 18mg nicotine. Why don’t we offer lower strengths as well you ask? Well… it defeats the purpose (in our opinion), as the faster absorption rates of the Nic Salt base naturally encourages you to regulate your intake. Or in other words, you need to moderate your intake just like you did when you were smoking.

As you probably imagine, I - the humble writer who is employed in an e-cigarette company - vape a lot. I used to get through 10ml of liquid a day on a 1.0Ohm MTL coil in my trusty VIM (got to love that all-day battery life). So, what am I getting from a POD?

Well, under certain circumstances they simply suit my needs better. First thing in the morning, my body craves more nicotine, and I find that the higher strength of the POD, paired with the fast-acting effect of the Nic Salt base, satisfies that craving more effectively. At the same time though, the fact I’m using an 18mg POD means that I’m reaching for my device less regularly, so that a single POD lasts me from 7am until 3pm - that’s a massive 8 hours on 2ml of liquid. The rest of the day I use a further 3ml of e-liquid in my VIM tank, so, I’ve halved my consumption.

These high strength Nic Salt PODs are additionally helpful to use if you are travelling and it’s not easy to vape, such as on a train or plane. A quick vape when you’re able (and allowed) to do so, will satisfy those cravings more quickly and effectively than with a more traditional e-liquid.

Vaping for all of us is a journey that enables you to experiment with hardware set-up, e-liquid base, flavour and vaping style; to find the combination that works for you. That is why we maximise flexibility on the VIM and Wee VIM (you can have a tank or a POD) and the SERIES-S line (you can have 6 separate coil choices - variety coil pack anyone?) so that we can provide value in a way no other manufacturer can. We have your back.