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SERIES-S17 Vape Pen Device

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  • Description
    • SERIES-S17 vape pen devices are compact, stylish and powerful, at a price you can't ignore.
    • Packing an impressive 900mAh capacity inside its tiny frame, the S17 Vape Battery is sub-ohm capable and will work with coils rated as low as 0.5Ω.
    • Designed to go best with the matching S-Tank, though any 510 atomiser can be used.
    • Designed and engineered by JAC and comes with a reliable 6 month warranty.


    SERIES-S17 Vape Pen Device Specifications

    • Black SERIES-S batteries are now supplied in an updated design with gunmetal accents
    • New TPD-compliant packaging
    • Dimensions: 17mm x 79.5mm
    • Stainless steel
    • Capacity: 900mAh
    • Voltage (unregulated):
      • >3.8v: Green light shows
      • 3.4-3.8v: Blue light shows
      • 3.1-3.4v: Red light shows
      • <3.1v: Red light will flash 10 times, indicating that the battery needs to be re-charged
    • Connector: 510
    • Charge time: Approx. 1.5 hours
    • Resistance range: ≥0.5Ω
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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S17 Vape Pen Device

  • Bring Back Stainless Steel! (Please) - by Nick, 8 September 2020
    I agree with Powertoy, below. The S17 is a fantastic product and the batteries are exceptional. However the choice of colour (any colour you like, so long as it’s black) is disappointing. I have used Jac products exclusively since about 2012 and the customer experience with them has always been first class. But I do not understand this colour thing: after all, the black batteries are stainless steel batteries with a coating. Why not just leave the coating off for a percentage of the batteries? That way everyone would be able to have what they want. Otherwise, top product in every way.......JAC Vapour: We are required to manufacture a minimum qty to open up a line for a colour, all the colours combined were outsold by black, and no single colour was capable of maintaining it's own line. The black batteries are actually a copper alloy, the coating used on them would not adhere to Stainless Steel, so it's not just a case of leaving a few not coloured unfortunately. The next batch of product in production are moving to the balck PVD finish like the our DNA device, this is a very hardwearing finish, so should appeal to those looking for black and head wearing, if that is the reason you prefer the Stainless Steel. I hope this helps you understand the reasons why currently we only supply black as a colour.
  • Apart from the coating peeling a 5* product - by powertoy, 24 August 2020
    I wrote a review on 11 August 2020 criticising a) your lack of recent stock and b) the fact that the coloured S17 Batteries peel down to the stainless steel after a while.
    I appreciate your response to the stock issue, but note you didn’t address the unsightly peeling problem I’ve suffered when I’ve had to buy coloured replacement batteries.
    I notice too that Carly (12 July 2019) complains of the same, as does Gary (11 August 2020) so I’m not alone. You suggest to Gary that creams, oils and metal objects might cause the peeling problems but this is not the case with me.
    My Stainless batteries have lasted years and, apart from the odd dint, look as good as new but are getting tired as far as holding charge is concerned. If Stainless Steel is being coated for cosmetic reasons but the coating peels off, what’s the point?
    I hope JacVapour decide to bring back the Stainless version for what is otherwise a 5* product..............JAC Vapour Ltd: Thank you for your review and I do understand that you prefer the Stainless Steel product, however currently we have no plans to re-stock the stainless steel batteries. The stainless steel is the harder wearing product, but the black one was the most popular by a long run, so the decision was made to only continue with the black product. We are working on a harder wearing black finish, and I hope it is completed for the next batch.
  • Good battery but... - by Gary, 11 August 2020
    Battery is fine. 5 stars would be given if the black coated one didn't 'peel' it's coating so quickly and look tatty! My big annoyance is that I can't get replacement without buying a whole new kit which I don't want! JAC why is this?........JAC: I am sorry you are having issues. The coating on the device can react to certain creams or oils, sun cream is one, could this be a cause? on the whole the finish should last for 6 months or so if carried in a pocket without metal objects (keys and coins), but please contact customer service if you feel it has not lasted. Spare batteries can be purchased here:
  • No other companies seem to be using the coronavirus excuse anymore, so why JacVapour? - by powertoy , 11 August 2020
    Despite the S17 being the best device I've ever had, I've not been able to obtain ANY replacement batteries for several months. Now I see you have spare batteries in Black but I want Stainless because the coloured ones wear away eventually leaving Stainless showing through underneath. Very unsightly. No other companies seem to be using the coronavirus excuse anymore, so why JacVapour?...............JAC Vapour: Hi, the black batteries are the only version we stock of the s17 batteries and have been for the last year, so I apologise if you have been misinformed, but all the stock has been in for the last 2 months, so there should not be any coronavirus excuses still being made in regards to these batteries, we did go out of stock for around 3 weeks during the height of the virus, due to some panic busing and supply chains having issues, but that all corrected early June.
  • Batteries - by lee, 21 May 2020
    My two new batteries only lasted 3 months. The older batteries are still going. Why can't I buy new batteries??. Why do I have to buy the whole S17. I have lots of tanks chambers. When are the batteries going to be available. I have supported you for years. But very disappointed with this situation.................JAC Vapour: If your new batteries have only lasted 3 months, they are covered in warranty (6 months), so please contact customer service, and they will organise replacements. We will have spare batteries for sale in the future, but it will be over a month before these arrive, so customer service will make sure you are covered.
  • Excellent - by Helen, 22 April 2020
    Battery best I've used for a long time
  • Excellent - by RICHARD, 17 April 2020
    Just thought i would leave a glowing review of the S17 battery, as my oldest one has just given up the ghost after 27 months!!
    My other 2, purchased in July 2018 are still going strong. Exceptional batteries!!........JAC: Glad it's all going well, and thanks for the update, it's much appreciated.
  • Problems with charging - by Philjack9, 3 January 2020
    I have been a loyal customer to jacvapour for many years. I don’t like leaving negative reviews but this problem needs looking at. Similar to another review there seems to be a problem with the usb charger on these latest models. It’s hit and miss as to whether you can get the red light to come to show it is charging. Lot of fiddling and flashing red/green or nothing at all. Usb seems too loose. I bought one 3 months ago and it just refuses to charge. Previous models were brilliant and lasted 2 years. Not sure if there has been a change in manufacturer. I have just ordered another one and will see how it goes as When they work they’re great..Similar issues with usb charging of wee vim too........................JAC Vapour: Thank you for the review. I am sorry you have had an issue with the usb. The device is covered by a 6 month warranty, so if you contact customer service then they will get it replaced. The design for the USB has not changed, but the micro usb can be fiddly (they are not the toughest if they get a knock or bend through normal use), we are adding extra support, plus our intention is to move to usb -C at when we update as well.
  • Charging Problem After A Few Months, Rubber Coating Rubs Off The Black Model. - by Carly, 12 July 2019
    I've bought several of these Series-S17 batteries over the last 2 years, and I've noticed that the work for about two months or so, and then they don't charge.

    I only buy the stainless steel ones as I've noticed (as with other JAC battery models - such as the old v3i cig-a-like batteries,) that the exterior coating on the black coloured batteries quickly flakes off and tends to look scruffy. I've noticed that even on the stainless steel batteries that the on/off/vape button has a soft black rubber coating on it that rubs and flakes off after a while. I think the JAC batteries could be improved if they just had a stainless steel button without a rubber coating - like with the on/off/vape button on the Aspire CFVV battery.

    I like to always carry two on me, (a spare one to use whilst the other battery is being re-charged on the go with my small and portable Anker power bank.

    I place both the power bank and the battery being charged inside a small velcro-sealed Efest fireproof safety bag which is designed to safely prevent fires from batteries whilst they're being charged.)
  • Great Pen - by annmarie, 30 May 2019
    Been using for year and never have any problems. Long lasting and easy to use.

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