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SERIES-S17 Battery

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    Looking for a spare battery for your SERIES-S17 kit? You've come to the right place.

    • SERIES-S17 batteries are compact, stylish and powerful, at a price you can't ignore.
    • Packing an impressive 900mAh capacity inside its tiny frame, the S17-Battery is sub-ohm capable and will work with coils rated as low as 0.5Ω.
    • Designed to go best with the matching S-Tank, though any 510 atomiser can be used.
    • Designed and engineered by JAC and comes with a reliable 6 month warranty.

    Want to pick up 2 or more batteries? Great - you'll get them at a discounted price of £9.99 each!

    SERIES-S17 Battery Specifications

    • Black SERIES-S batteries are now supplied in an updated design with gunmetal accents
    • New TPD-compliant packaging
    • Dimensions: 17mm x 79.5mm
    • Stainless steel
    • Capacity: 900mAh
    • Voltage (unregulated):
      • >3.8v: Green light shows
      • 3.4-3.8v: Blue light shows
      • 3.1-3.4v: Red light shows
      • <3.1v: Red light will flash 10 times, indicating that the battery needs to be re-charged
    • Connector: 510
    • Charge time: Approx. 1.5 hours
    • Resistance range: ≥0.5Ω
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SERIES-S17 Battery - Grey / Pink

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SERIES-S17 Battery - Black

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SERIES-S17 Battery - Stainless Steel

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Customer Reviews for the SERIES-S17 Battery

  • battery connectors are faulty within time - beware !! - by John, 12 January 2019
    I bought 3 of these S17 Vape Pens so would always have them available on long drives, the batteries are faulty, the problem is the connector point in the battery, they work for a little while and then start not charging and then stop all together, this looks to be a physical fault in the battery where the connector attaches into, after 3 months two of the 3 batteries no longer charge at all, as I have a number of coils I will be forced to buy more batteries until I can find another brand that is reliable...............JAC Vapour Ltd: If it's been 3 months the devices are still in warranty, so please contact CS and they will replace them, although for this to happen 3 times is very unusual. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Good to go device - by Bathsheba, 12 January 2019
    Purchased two of these, one each for myself and Mr Bathsheba. Good quality device with day long longevity. An excellent simply press and go option for when out and about and you do not want to be twiddling with various settings on the move. Also quick to charge.
  • Great - by aunty_acid, 5 June 2018
    Bought one battery in kit and one spare battery. Used both every day for almost 8 months and both worked perfectly for 7 months, now still good, no issues but not holding the power for as long as on the begging, it's probably time to change them. Just ordered 2 new batteries : ).
  • Very good but bright LED - by Marc, 8 January 2018
    Almost perfect but I don't like the bright lights besides the button. The small indicator down at the USB connector would be perfect for showing the battery level as well. Would be more discreet.
  • Durable & Compact Battery - by Phil, 27 December 2017
    Durable and compact battery, good lifespan and enough power to get you through a work day on the 1ohm coils. The black battery ages much better than the silver version which now looks a bit naff but works absolutely fine. If you use the 0.5ohm coils, you'll want a second battery to make sure you can get through the day.
  • LOVE IT - by Elizabeth, 7 October 2017
    Have 2 of these batteries and they are great seem to last for ages I did have a problem with one of them but contacted customer service and it was replaced within 24 hours, can't ask for better than that.
    It is very compact and looks fab in the pink, for me it has no bad points.
  • Just a shame they never told me about a tf - by Dawn, 3 October 2017
    Also forgot to say, that the S17 always is leaking, even though I have changed the coil..........................JAC Vapour Ltd: If you having issues with your tank please contact customer service and they will help resolve it, the tank should not leak.
  • Great customer service, very helpful but only once one of my batteries never worked as i purchased online - by Dawn, 3 October 2017
    Am very disappointed that I brought the S17 first time purchase and ordered £46.57 in August, if I had known that a top fill would have come out then I would have waited, as now its just nearly as much to buy the tf and spare battery, which I have already brought 2 batteries, shame am very disappointed that this was not brought to light when I ordered.........................JAc Vapour Ltd: We do announce new models prior to launch, the batteries for the TF and normal kit are the same, the only difference is the tank and this is only £9.99 if you wish to upgrade to the newest model, there also rewards schemes available for discounts as well within our shop. Thanks for the review.
  • Switched from V3i, using 5 months, no problems - by Michael, 9 September 2017
    I switched from V3i to S17 in May, never had a problem (once I got used to having to press a button!) and now running 2 swapping each day.
    My old v3i are kept "as "backups" but never had to use yet except when flying, S17 tank leaks, I assume due to reduced cabin pressure, but V3i doesn't.
    For me the black coated ones have a better "feel" than bare metal but that's just preference
    Just 1 comment... the black coating on the button does begin to come off, no great problem except it looks a bit "tatty"; would it be possible to have a steel button on the black coated ones?
  • make multibuy - by Marco, 24 August 2017
    does it's job, would be good if there was a multibuy.....................JAC Vapour Ltd: There is a multibuy on the listing, or do you mean more than 2, I guess we can look at a larger number, but currently not a lot of people would purchase 4 batteries at a time we can run figures though to see if it's an option. Thanks for the review.

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