Meet Will - JAC Product Engineer

Published by Heather Corrigan on 5th Apr 2019

The UK is known globally for engineering prowess and, at JAC, we believe that means looking at new technologies and excelling. In our case, we live and breath electronic cigarettes. Find out what our product engineer, Will, has to say about his journey with us.

Every JAC product has been meticulously designed and engineered at our Edinburgh HQ with no detail spared. Our reliable devices and distinctive style gives vapers the identity they’re looking for and every device is engineered for maximum efficiency which our customers’ busy lifestyle’s demand.

We believe every vaper is unique, which is why many of our ranges are customisable and tailored to individual tastes and needs. Engineering and creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Put simply, we make things better. Months and years of development go in to making each of our vaping hardware – from the device, to the tanks, batteries and coils. We design and engineer them all.

We thought we’d let our lead engineers discuss what that looks like, on a daily basis, at JAC.

Will Speakman

What lead you to becoming an engineer of ecigs?

I have a degree in Sports Engineering (think Design Engineering for sports equipment) and a Masters in Advanced Materials Engineering. I had been looking for a role which combined these two areas. E-cigarette design wasn’t an area I had initially considered but when the opportunity came up it was a perfect fit – the e-cigarette industry has developed through the clever use of materials and design.

What’s an average day like for you at JAC Vapour?

Being in a small team and designing products in-house means an average day at JAC Vapour isn’t average at all – I could be carrying out research, working on the designs of new products, experimenting with colours and finishes, preparing drawings for manufacture, making and testing prototypes, chatting with suppliers, arguing with colleagues, answering interview questions …

What product are you most proud of creating?

I literally couldn’t choose one … I don’t have favourites.

What’s the best thing about designing and engineering e-cigs?

The challenge of designing consumer electronics that people will interact with on a daily basis and the satisfaction in knowing that the products you are creating are having a positive impact on someone’s life.

And the worst?

The stigma surrounding e-cigarettes which results in them being underappreciated, though this is slowly changing.

Also, some of the TPD regulations, such as the 2ml e-liquid limit, can be a source of frustration as they are an inconvenience to the customer that we can’t directly address with our designs.

What new product are you most excited about launching in the next 12 months?

One that has been in the works for a long time now and will be launched to coincide with JAC’s 10 year anniversary year (next year!) – our first dual mod.