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10ml Real Tobacco Gold E Liquid Flavour Shot

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    Our Real Tobacco Gold flavour concentrate is a full-on realistic smokey tobacco flavour, it is not for the faint-hearted. Use it sparingly or mix it with a sweeter flavour to dull the smokiness a little.

    Our picNIC Easy Mix DIY e liquid range includes quick mix bundle kits, bottles of flavour concentrates, nicotine bases in a variety of PG/VG ratios and mixing accessories. Making your own e liquid has never been easier.

    • Please mix with your base liquid of choice before use.
    • Due to the nature of the production of this flavour, trace levels of nicotine may be present.
    • Manufactured using food grade flavourings.
    • Do not vape flavouring on its own.
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Customer Reviews for the 10ml Real Tobacco Gold E Liquid Flavour Shot

  • RIP Smooth Cigar... - by Barry, 18 March 2019
    As a long time vaper, I've come to know what I like - and don't like. Most 'tobacco' juices taste somewhere between bathroom cleaner, air freshener and sweaty socks. In contrast, 'Smooth Cigar' was one of the most authentic tobacco concentrates by a country mile and one of my all day vapes for the past two years so I lament its passing. However, Real Tobacco Gold, while not quite as deep and rich and smoky as Smooth Cigar, is a good alternative especially considering it's made with food flavourings rather than naturally extracted tobacco. No harshness for me and more important, no awful 'funky' or nutty flavours. Have to give credit where it's due, so well done, Jacvapour (even though I haven't yet forgiven you for pulling the plug on Smooth Cigar). I'd say RTG deserves 4.5 stars. I've been spoilt by Smooth Cigar so would like a little more smokiness for my taste. In any case, for us tobacco lovers, let's hope this one continues to be available well into the future.
  • For those who liked tobacco - by Eddie, 19 December 2018
    Following the discontinuation of 'smooth cigar' I have discovered this is a worthy substitute. Not everybody likes the overly sweet tasting stuff and for those who liked rolling tobacco 'gold' is ideal; especially the after taste/smell. It has kept me as a JAC customer.
  • Heavy smokers try this! - by Mick, 20 April 2018
    As suggested by Jac I sweeten the otherwise harsh aftertaste. A few drops of caramel and twice as much of Fluffy Nut take the edge off and remind me of the Reds I used to vape before going "smokeless". Heavy smokers of strong cics or baccy should definitely try this. The "real thing" is now a thing of the past!

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