Quality comes as standard

Published by Matt Brown on 13th Mar 2018

At JAC, quality is king. We put our all into producing products of the highest quality. We think it pays off, and we hope you agree.

Quality is one of the buzzwords that everyone likes to have in their back pocket, but it’s far harder to back those words up with action. We relish doing the hard things.

When you hold one of our products in your hands, you’re not just holding an e-cig or a bottle of e-liquid…

You’re holding months of in-house development.

You’re holding multiple prototypes, each revised and improved upon until it passes our ridiculously high standards.

You’re holding weeks of focus-testing, market research, and testing.

You’re holding our expertise in regulatory compliance and testing standards.

You’re holding full batch traceability of the highest quality ingredients around.

You’re holding the sum total of our 8 years in the business, and tens of thousands of man hours of experience.

In short, you’re holding an e-cig that’s been designed in-house by JAC Vapour right here in the UK, and manufactured to the highest possible standards of quality and safety.

A long time ago we built our company on three pillars – Quality, Performance and Reliability. Now, 8 years later, our philosophy hasn’t changed. We are just as committed to quality in 2018 as we were in 2010, and while others may choose to cut corners, we think that just shows a fundamental disrespect to you, the customer.

And while yes, it’s true that cheaper alternatives may exist, give us quality any day of the week. Put your trust in JAC, and you’re putting your trust in all those months and years of development, testing and experience.

Trust in JAC. Trust in Quality.