SERIES-B DNA 75W: Not long to go

Published by Matt Brown on 20th Mar 2017

Not long to go until the SERIES-B DNA 75W hits shelves, and we've been incredibly pleased at the success of the pre-orders so far.

At JAC, we're determined to offer the best box mods available in the UK, and the SERIES-B DNA 75W is the latest addition to our lineup.

Marrying Evolv's DNA75 chip with our own exceptional design, it combines stellar performance with great looks, and a premium build quality. And you've not got long to wait to get your hands on one - stock is due to arrive by the end of March.

If you've been on the fence about upgrading to a box mod (or even making a box mod your first device), there's never been a better time than now.

Box mods offer a far greater suite of features than more traditional vape pens or cigalikes, and while they are naturally a bit larger in the hand, as technology has moved on, it's been possible to streamline their design much more. The SERIES-B DNA 75W is positively tiny for a device in its class, and is the smallest single 18650 mod around.

And while it's true that in the older box mods tended to be the preserve of more advanced vapers, the user experience has been greatly improved with new chipsets like the DNA75.

New, powerful features such as temperature control, and custom user profiles can all be accessed for those who want them, but new vapers who just want a solid, reliable and well-designed variable wattage experience are well served here as well.

Plus, a box mod also allows the use of high drain 18650 IMR batteries, which offer unparalleled battery life when compared to vape pens and cigalikes, while at the same time unlocking access to much more power.

If you want the option of full control over your vape, or simply want to future proof your vape setup, a box mod should definitely be considered.

Wondering if the SERIES-B DNA 75W is for you? Get in touch with our customer service team for some fast, friendly advice without the hard-sell.

Watch our full reveal of the SERIES-B DNA 75W below: