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picNIC Easy Mix DIY E-liquid Starter Kit

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  • Description

    Ever fancied creating your own e-liquids but don’t know where to start? Our picNIC Easy Mix DIY e-liquid starter kits make it easy-peasy, so pick one up today and never have a boring vape again!

    Simply add a flavour concentrate to a base, shake, and you’re ready to vape. You can even mix different flavours together! With a wide range of concentrates and bases available, the possibilities are almost endless, and our picNIC Starter Kits include everything you need to get started.

    Each picNIC Starter Kit contains:

    • 4x 10ml bottles of liquid base (select your preferred PG/VG ratio and nicotine strength)
    • 2x 10ml bottles of flavour concentrate
    • 2x 10ml bottles for mixing
    • 1x 10ml syringe
    • Marking stickers

    When mixing, we recommend that you start with a 4:1 ratio of base to liquid. To make up 10ml of e-liquid, therefore, you will require 8ml of base and 2ml of flavour concentrate. Use the supplied mixing bottles and syringe to quickly and easily add your ingredients.

    Please note: picNIC bases and flavour concentrates are designed to be mixed before use. Do not vape flavour concentrate on its own. The base strength listed is the strength prior to mixing, so after adding your flavouring to the base the strength of resulting liquid will be slightly less according to the percentage of flavouring added.

    Our range of picNIC bases and concentrates are also available separately.

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Availability: In stock


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Customer Reviews for the picNIC Easy Mix DIY E-liquid Starter Kit (Contains Nicotine)

  • Great kit. No complaints at all. Will be the start of a huge collection of flavours! - by Jordancov, 14 February 2017
    This PicNic kit is brilliant. Takes all the doubt out of mixing your own liquid. The kit comes comes with everything you need to get started.
    I'd recommend this kit to anyone looking to add a bit of creativity to thier liquid procurement! Great idea JV! I'd love to see a couple of different bottle options, maybe some different colours or kit options like pipettes. Just my 2 cents. Bang on job JV
  • pleased as punch - by oddball, 7 December 2016
    This kit was recommended by a friend and I bought the picnic kit. It is very easy to use so I just purchased a further 7 flavours. the one and only gripe is the bottle lids being a bit awkward to undo. I have just made 8ml 70pg/30vg+2ml real cherry and 3 drops pure menthol and hey presto!!! chuffed to bits, will be making some more soon. Great product and like the recipes people are posting. well done jac vape!!!!
  • happy mistake - by George, 6 December 2016
    bought by accident, as I didn't really know what I was doing. I panicked when I saw I had to mix it up myself, but actually it's very simple and customer service walked me through the first time. The 2 flavours I got are real tobacco lite and real raspberry, both are good and I am looking forward to trying more.
  • easy - by Lenny, 28 October 2016
    very easy to use, got on the advice of a friend and have enjoyed it very much, I shall be buying more
  • Great - by Kemp, 20 October 2016
    suddenly I have a whole new world of flavours. Easy, no mess, and the kalahari ice is amazing. I ordered with the pure VG base and I really like how smooth this is.
  • Fab kit for making flavours more personal for yourself - by Elboyo , 19 October 2016
    I purchased the mixing kit with the vg 70/30 12 mg nicotine base with several different flavours, as others have said the mix of 8 base 1 pineapple 0.5 of mango & 0.5 of coconut makes a thoroughly refreshing vape which i am using in my new epuffer 629 R2 e-pipe, works great with the pipe, tried the banana with caramel which is ok but that is the whole idea of the picnic kit just keep trying different mixes to get the taste that you like.

    Awesome kit & will definitely be back to buy more flavours & mixing up some more combos, brilliant idea jacvapour & please keep adding more flavours, works out a lot cheaper to make your own mixes.
  • Great kit that's easy to use - by Trevor, 15 October 2016
    Purchased this great kit to give mixing our own flavours a try. This kit is easy to use and there's a video onsite to refer to. Very impressed and have just ordered more flavours to try, kalahari ice is on route on the strength of other user reviews. Can't wait to try!
  • Much More Flexability - by Ian, 1 October 2016
    Gone through all the standard flavours and although they were nice it could be a bit hit-or-miss as to whether it was 'exactly' what I wanted. No excuse any more! All the standard flavours plus more available and the opportunity to tweak the mix to my taste. Just bought the starter kit and loving it so far. It's difficult not to disappear down the rabbit hole of mixing and matching bases and flavours.. Would have been 5 stars but I didn't get any marker stickers in my kit. Minor niggle, but I have to keep an eye on which bottle contains what liquid...................JAc Vapour Ltd: Thanks for the review, and sorry about the stickers packing error I'll get CS to send out some out.
  • excellent idea - by Ben, 26 August 2016
    very easy to do, have mixed my own before, but never thought of doing it like this kit does with the syringe. Well thought out little kit whihc is extremely easy for beginners. Also impressed with the flavours, kalahari ice is a must.
  • Very simple - by Christopher, 14 August 2016
    Very simple to use, taking mere minutes to knock-up your own liquids.

    They also work out great value for money compared to pre-made liquids too.

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