Our Brand Pillars

Published by Matt Brown on 8th Apr 2016

What makes a successful company? Is it selling the most on-trend products? Is it style over everything else? Or is it something a little deeper? At JAC Vapour, we've built our company on three pillars which have helped us to grow and develop over the past six years.

These pillars are something which we've always placed at the core of our business, but as the industry evolves and adapts to new challenges - in particular the new legislation coming as part of the TPD - we believe that they've never been more important.


Quality is key when it comes to any electronic product. You're trusting that not only will it perform to the level you expect, but also that it is safe to use and built to last.

Consumer electronics is an incredibly wide category, and failure rates can vary massively even between generations of the same model. It's widely accepted across the marketplace, however. that a failure rate of less that 5% is what manufacturers should be aiming for.

At JAC Vapour, we work hard to only stock products of the highest quality. We work closely with some of the best manufacturers in the business, and carefully curate the products we do, and just as importantly, do not sell.

This means that we can consistently maintain a failure rate of significantly less than 5% - hey, we may fall a little short sometimes, but we're shooting for perfection here. Even with all the best processes in place, the realities of production mean that a certain number of units may be subject to issues. We'll always take action to replace any products on the rare occasions this happens.

While we value the quality of the products we stock, we also invest in the quality of our customer service team as well. Thanks to extensive training and development, our customer service team have a vast well of knowledge to draw upon. They know that simply replacing a product isn't always going to be the right course of action. They'll troubleshoot when appropriate to make sure that they're treating the cause of an issue and not just the symptoms.

On top of making sure our devices are of the highest quality, we also believe in finding the right product for you. That's why our customer service team will make informed recommendations based on your specific requirements. We want to guide you to your perfect device, and not simply try to sell you whatever's popular that week.


For most vapers, the main reason behind their making the switch in the first place is the desire to find a healthier alternative to smoking. This means nothing, however, if the performance of the product they use doesn't offer the same satisfaction as if they were still smoking.

In too many cases, products have been brought to market in a cynical attempt to grab the attention of smokers, without actually offering the performance to back up what are often some ridiculous claims. If a device doesn't work well, that smoker may well decide to abandon vaping altogether in favour of their dangerous, but reliable, cigarettes.

If a device doesn't work well, that smoker may well decide to abandon vaping altogether in favour of their dangerous, but reliable, cigarettes.

As former smokers, we want to know that the product we choose to use will be effective in keeping us off tobacco cigarettes – this is where our strict selection and testing procedures come into play.

We will only ever stock products which we have vetted extensively and know to offer the performance that vapers are seeking. That doesn't always mean that every device we sell is a cloud-chasing wonder box, sometimes the needs of the user take us down a different path.

Over the years, we've produced products to serve that need. From our award-winning V1P PCC, to the stylish and compact SERIES-E, to our powerful and advanced SERIES-B (not forgetting our range of vapourless Clear Steam e-liquids), we work hard to offer products which suit vapers of all descriptions.


In an industry like ours, there is inevitably going to be a lot of competition between companies all working towards a similar goal. This leads to products being rushed to market, often without having undergone sufficient testing. We've seen the outcome of this again and again, with mass failures affecting some high profile devices.

This isn't just frustrating for the user, it can (and has been) dangerous.

We know that when you drop £50 on a new device, there is an expectation there that it's going to be something which is going to last for a reasonable length of time. That's why our all of our proprietary hardware ships with at least a 6-month guarantee (our SERIES-B Tilt is supplied with a 12-month guarantee).

When we design a product or are selecting which third party devices we may stock, we like to take our time. Safety and reliability are foremost in our mind, and while we aim to come up with a product which serves a need, we have to make sure it does so safely.

All of the products which we stock hold the relevant certification - CE, RoHS, etc. - and with the TPD incoming in the next month or so, we're working hard to ensure we comply with the new legislation too.

Our commitment to offering a reliable product also means that we are constantly monitoring our existing range, to make sure that standards remain high. Our e-liquids, for example, are tested at source and are subject to independent batch testing in government labs in the UK. This helps us to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are safe to use.

And don't forget, while we're determined to stock only products of the highest quality, we recognise that we're not the only game in town.