Nordic Spirit How To Use

Are you thinking 'Nordic Spirit how to use'? Trying a new product can feel quite daunting, this is why we are here to explain it all to you. Follow these steps and you'll be enjoying Nordic Spirit like a pro.

Nordic Spirit Step 1


Break the seal across the can and twist open. Place one nicotine pouch under your upper right or left side of your lip.

You can use a pouch on your lower lip, however the shape is designed for the upper lip. If using on the lower lip, flatten against your gum.

Nordic Spirit Step 2


An expected tingling of the gums will occur as nicotine and flavouring is released from the Nordic Spirit pouch.

The tingling sensation will last for 0 - 15 minutes for most people.

Please don't chew or suck on your pouches. Nordic Spirit is designed solely for absorption through the gum.

Nordic Spirit Step 3

You can now enjoy a tobacco-free nicotine experience, that is unoticable to those around you.

You can talk, laugh, sing and shout as you normally would, Nordic Spirit pouches are designed to be discreet and not get in the way of every day life.

If you're new to Nordic Spirit and Nicotine Pouches, we advise only using for short period, such as 0-15 minutes. Once you are familiar with how they work, you can enjoy a Nordic Spirit pouch for up to 60 minutes.

Nordic Spirit Step 4

After usage, you can remove the Nordic Spirit pouch from your mouth and dispose of it. The Nordic Spirit can comes with a smart container to temporarily store used pouches.

The Nordic Spirit can is recycable and can be disposed of in most household recycling bins. Remove any pouches from smart container before disposing.

The pouches are non-recycable and should be disposed of in general waste.

Still unsure on how to use Nordic Spirit, no problem. Check out our handy quick video guide on how to use Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches.

It's as simple as that. On average you will use around 10 pouches per day, which is half a can of Nordic Spirit. You can use whenever you crave a cigarette or nicotine.

Be mindful of Nordic Spirit side effects and please use responsibly.

Love the name but not sure what Nordic Spirit actually is? Read our guide on what is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Sprit nicotine pouches also come in a range of Nordic Spirit Flavours.

The great thing about these pouches is they are so discreet so you can use them on public transport, the airport or anywhere indoors. You don't need to worry about that nicotine craving hitting you at the awkward moment where you find yourself in a no smoking/vaping zone.