E-cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?

Published by Matt Brown on 25th May 2016

It seems that the good news train just keeps on rolling. Hot on the tail of the Royal College of Physicians' backing of e cigs, the BBC has aired a new documentary looking at e cigarettes, their effectiveness as a tool for those seeking to quit tobacco, and their effect on vapers' health.

While not the first programme to look at e cigs, Michael Mosley's documentary, 'E cigarettes: Miracle or Menace', was the most balanced look at our industry to date. Bringing to the fore a great deal of the scientific research and anecdotal accounts we already knew of, it's those whose only knowledge of e cigs come from the red-top media who will really have their eyes opened.

Among the show's highlights were a suite of scientific tests which show the stark difference between the effects tobacco smoke compared with e cig vapour. Viewers are left with little doubt that e cigs represent a huge public health benefit, one which finally seems to be being recognised not just by the media, but by the Government as well (with a motion to annul the new TPD regulations currently making its way through the House of Lords).

While Mosley's decision as a non-smoker to take up vaping for a month during the filming of the documentary cannot be endorsed by JAC Vapour, his experience of meeting current smokers, scientists involved with the industry and public health advocates, helps to reframe the debate surrounding electronic cigarettes.

As Mosley himself states, e cigs have the potential to "transform the world's health."

If you missed the programme, fear not - it's still currently available to watch on the BBC iPlayer. It's well worth a watch and we'd encourage you to check it out if you have the chance.