Meet Euan - JAC Product Engineer

Published by Heather Corrigan on 8th Apr 2019

The UK is known globally for engineering prowess and, at JAC, we believe that means looking at new technologies and excelling. In our case, we live and breath electronic cigarettes. Find out what our product engineer, Euan, has to say about his journey with us.

Every JAC product has been meticulously designed and engineered at our Edinburgh HQ with no detail spared. Our reliable devices and distinctive style gives vapers the identity they’re looking for and every device is engineered for maximum efficiency which our customers’ busy lifestyle’s demand.

We believe every vaper is unique, which is why many of our ranges are customisable and tailored to individual tastes and needs. Engineering and creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

Put simply, we make things better. Months and years of development go in to making each of our vaping hardware – from the device, to the tanks, batteries and coils. We design and engineer them all.

We thought we’d let our lead engineers discuss what that looks like, on a daily basis, at JAC.

Euan McGlade

What lead you to becoming an engineer of e-cigarettes?

I studied Product Design Engineering in Edinburgh for 4 years. In my last year I applied for a 6-month placement with JAC Vapour to help design their first e-cigarette in house, which later became the SERIES-E. After finishing university, I was offered the job to become a full time Product Design Engineer. I’ve now been here for 5 years and enjoy every second of my job.

What’s an average day like for you at JAC Vapour?

Each day varies really. Although product design is not a linear process, we do follow a traditional work flow process, so I’m normally working on a certain phase of a product development. Most of the time I’m working within 3D CAD software adjusting models ready for prototyping or manufacture.

What product are you most proud of creating?

The SERIES-E because it was the first one I designed therefore it has a sort of sentimental value attached to it but also because it was one of the first e-cigs to have emphasis on user needs/wants. We paid particular attention to the aesthetics and the form of the device. Everything back then looked like big torches and were so impractical for day to day use, so we reduced the size, flushed the tank to the battery and added a durable finish. It came out incredibly well and got a great reception from our customer base and reviewers alike.

What the best thing about designing and engineering e-cigs?

Seeing a sketch that was originally sketched out on a note pad being developed into a working product that other people enjoy using. Also, seeing reviews left on our website saying how much they liked using the device and knowing that it’s helped them come off cigarettes to live a healthier lifestyle is nice to see.

And the worst?

Being restricted by the TPD in some areas, I’m all for safety and compliance in the e-cig industry but a 2ml tank restriction doesn’t make much sense…

What new product are you most excited about launching in the next 12 months?

Our new S23 TF tank. We’ve made adjustments to our S-22 TF tank to make the user experience much more enjoyable. I think vapers are going to really like it.