How to Use an Electronic Cigarette

Published by Emma Logan on 3rd Oct 2014

For the uninitiated, the first steps into vaping can be a little confusing. From the terminology, to wealth of choices available, there is a lot to take in. Even the simple act of using your shiny, new e-cig can be a little daunting. Never fear; as always, JAC is here to help.

While vaping is designed as an alternative to smoking (and in a lot of ways replicates the same actions and sensation), there are some differences.

Your battery type

A big factor in how to use your device comes down to the type of battery you are using.

Regardless of whether you are using cartomizers or a tank system, the kind of battery selected will dictate the actual act of vaping.

Automatic batteries (such as our auto V3i, or Vgo2 models) are the simplest to use. As their name suggests, these batteries activate automatically simply by taking a draw. They utilise an air-flow activated switch, which means that when you inhale, the change in air pressure causes the battery to fire, sending power to the atomiser which in turn will vaporise the e-liquid.

These are the closest simulation of smoking a tobacco cigarette and are ideal for new users. Simply screw on your cartomizer or tank, ensure the battery has a charge, and inhale. What could be simpler?

Manual batteries (such as our manual Vgo2, or 510 models), on the other hand, are slightly more involved. Again, the clue is in the name, as these batteries require manual input in order to function. In this case, manual batteries are fitted with a physical button, which must be pressed and held down for the duration of the draw.

These batteries involve a little more effort, and may take a little getting used to, but the big advantage of the manual batteries is in their additional power output.

More power means greater vapour production and throat hit, something which is very important for many of our customers. This is possible due to the greater battery efficiency of a regulated switch.

Whichever battery you choose, there are a couple of simple steps to take in order to maximise vapour production and performance.

How to 'drag' on an e-cigarette

  • Firstly, you should try to take long (3-5 secs), steady draws and avoid quick shallow pulls. Long, steady draws allow plenty of time for the coil to heat properly and vaporise the e-liquid. This maximises the amount of vapour produced.
  • Quick, shallow pulls on the other hand prevent the coil from reaching operating temperature, resulting in poor vapour production and possibly leakage from the mouthpiece as un-vaporised e-liquid is trapped in the centre chamber.

A key difference of vaping as opposed to smoking is the ability to vape as much as you want before setting your e-cigarette down.

With traditional tobacco cigarettes, most people will light up and continue to smoke until the cigarette is finished.

With your new e-cig, if you feel like taking just a couple of drags, you can!

In fact, most vapers naturally will gravitate to using their device in this way, rather than using it for the same intensive five minutes they were accustomed to while still smoking.

We actually have an older video hidden in the archives (actually our YouTube channel) which demonstrates the clear difference between long and short draws.

One last thing to note

  • The other thing to bear in mind when using your e-cig is that the coil is essentially a heating element and should be treated as such.
  • Using your device for extended periods of vaping will result in the coil becoming quite hot, so you should try to allow plenty of time for it to cool off between sessions.
  • As always, if you have any questions, or just need clarification on anything to do with how to use your vape kit, get in touch with us at and a member of our customer service team will be happy to assist.