Get fitted for your device today

Published by Matt Brown on 26th Jan 2017

When you're new to vaping, we know that one of the trickiest challenges you'll face is picking out the right kit for you. Not ideal when you're also trying to keep off the cigarettes!

Over our many years in the business, time and time again we've heard stories of would-be vapers who have tried and failed to quit with e cigarettes simply because their device isn't suitable for their needs, or their e-liquid is too strong (or not strong enough).

So, we decided that that simply wasn't good enough. We love vaping and we want as many smokers as possible to be able to successfully make the switch. That's why JAC offers a bespoke device fitting service.

That's right, we're happy to walk you through every step of your purchase, helping you pick out exactly the right device and e-liquid to fit your needs.

Our experienced customer service team will talk to you to gauge your level of experience, as well as your current smoking habits. They know the questions to ask, and even more importantly, have the answers you need.

Vaping is a very personal experience, and everyone is different. We'll never try to push the most expensive, turbo-charged mod on you when it's clear that a simple cigalike is going to be enough.

We can also help you pick out the perfect e-liquid based on your personal tastes, and direct you towards the correct nicotine strength, taking into account the device you choose and your existing smoking habits.

Plus, we do our best to bust the jargon surrounding vaping. We know it can be confusing at times for new users, and it really doesn't need to be.

The questions we'll ask

When you get in touch with our customer service team, or pop into one of our shops, for advice on what device to purchase, you'll be asked some questions, including.

Have you used an electronic cigarette before?

This one's important, as it helps give us a good indicator of what worked for you (and what didn't). This way we can help avoid any pitfalls you've fallen into previously.

What are your current smoking habits?

Getting an honest assessment of how much you currently smoke is the best way of identifying what nic strength you'll require. This can be tricky to get exactly right, but we can give you a pretty accurate recommendation.

Are you looking for something small and discrete, or something with plenty of battery life and power?

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes, and while they all do a similar job, there is a balance to be struck between power, battery life and size. Working out what's important to you will help us to guide you in the right direction.

Ready to make the switch? Get in touch with our customer service team, or drop by one of our retail shops, and get fitted for your device today!