Bryn's Special Sauce

Published by Matt Brown on 11th Mar 2024

Are you ready to experience some fantastic new flavours?

Bryn's Special Sauce is a brand new range of gourmet e-liquids, carefully crafted and curated to offer the best flavours around.

It was a cold December day in 2013 when Bryn Fraser prepared his first serious batch of special sauces. His mission? To bottle enough juice for his family to distribute as homemade Christmas gifts.

Bryn already had a reputation for his special sauce among friends. His unique flavours and potent mixes were well known amongst his peers, But after preparing a batch for his buddies, a sizeable quantity of special sauce was left over. Bryn bottled up the rest, hustled them into some popular vape stores and his sauce flew off the shelves.

His passion isn’t simply about taste, but about using the finest ingredients. Developed by the master chef himself, Bryn's Special Sauce includes 3 sophisticated blends.

Papricot Custard - A warm comforting hug from Bryn. This rich combination of sweet summer fruits and creamy vanilla custard is a comforting slice of heaven.

Sour Blue Sorbet - A truly sour vape has been the holy grail of e-liquids for as long as we can remember. Bryn has cracked it though with this blend of blue raspberry with a touch of cool menthol to cleanse the palate.

Té - A complex combination of fresh and candied citrus fruits, with aromatic teas. This is a truly exotic lemon iced tea, which will win itself a lot of fans.

Papricot Custard and Sour Blue Sorbet are available right now. The mysteriously exotic Té will be joining the range in the next couple of weeks.

Bryn's Special Sauce is mixed with an 80/20 blend of VG/PG, so it kicks out the clouds while tasting great. All three are available in packs of 3 (in some rather funky packaging), in 3mg and 6mg strengths only.