What We Wish We'd Known When We Were New To Vaping

Published by Matt Brown on 13th Jan 2016

Switching to vaping from cigarettes can come with a bit of a learning curve. Finding the right device for you, the best e-liquid and other hardware can all be a little confusing at times. For most vapers, however, things normally click fairly quickly and in no time they are vaping like a pro.

It's easy, then, to forget about any early teething trouble, but there are always things which we wish we'd known when we started. We've asked around the office and come up with a few examples of our own of those little things which may not have been immediately obvious when we started, but which may help vapers just starting out.

Matt Brown, Website and Content Executive

"When I was new to vaping, I had no idea what the strength of an e-liquid would do to the flavour and overall vaping experience. I spent far too long using an e-liquid which was too strong for me, which resulted in a flavour and throat hit which was much too harsh and almost put me off vaping altogether. Once I had identified the right strength for me, vaping became a much more pleasurable experience."

Emma Logan, Communications Director

"I wish I’d known that cleaning and taking care of my batteries and tanks properly meant they lasted a lot longer and performed better. When I worked out how to clean them properly, it was like having a new device when I’d previously been buying new products because I thought my device was done."

Niki Cottrill, Marketing Executive

"I always smoked more heavily after a few drinks, so the switch to vaping for me was primarily about abstaining from the cigarettes I'd have after a few drinks with pals. Over time though, I grew to enjoy the hobby aspect of vaping, from building my own coils to trying various PG/VG and flavour combinations. Essentially, I wish I’d known that I would grow to enjoy vaping and not simply see it as a means of satisfying my craving for nicotine."

Ben Donaldson, Customer Service

"As a new vaper, I was totally clueless about the different connection types available and the compatibility issues this can present. When I started using e-cigs, I assumed everything would just work, which resulted in a couple of early near-disasters. Once I read up on e-cigs though, and realised that a 510 is not the same thing as an 808, it helped me in choosing the right batteries, tanks and accessories to suit my device."

Andy Logan, Managing Director

"I’d wish I’d known that cost doesn't necessarily mean quality. When I started vaping, many of the most expensive e-cigarettes were actually the cheapest in terms of quality, with more focus on their marketing than engineering."

Rob Patrick, Retail Director

"I was entirely unaware that different e-liquid mixes were even a thing. When I discovered high VG flavours, the increase in vapour changed my vaping experience entirely. What I was also a little surprised to discover was the lack of acceptable levels of testing across the industry, especially from some well-known brands who should have known better.

When I was still new to vaping, it also seemed to me that cigalikes were the only product on offer. I didn't see an eGo device until I'd been vaping for a while, which led me to discover the huge range of products which were available."

Euan McGlade, Product Designer

"When I started with the company, I hadn't had much first-hand experience of e-cigarettes or vaping. I thought that as so many devices look so similar, there couldn't be much to separate them. However, while researching our first major release, the SERIES-E, it really hit home that despite many devices appearing to be identical on the outside, the quality of the technology inside can vary a lot."