Summer Holidays - Vaping Do's and Don'ts

Published by Emma Logan on 15th May 2014

As another British summer slowly shambles towards us, many vapers will be making plans to get away to sunnier climes. With that in mind, we thought it might be a good idea to bring up the do’s and do not’s of travelling abroad with your e-cig.

Do: Check with your airline and obey the rules.

The first thing you should check before packing your bag and heading off to the airport is exactly what your airline’s policy is on e-cigarettes. Over the past couple of years, vaping has become a lot more prevalent and policies that existed in the past may have changed – and they won’t all be the same for every airline. Usually this information can be found on the company’s website, but if in doubt, it’s worth giving them a call to clarify.

Some airlines, for example British Airways, are happy for passengers to bring their kit on-board in their carry-on bag, though won’t allow you to use it. Others, such as EasyJet, are happy for smokeless cigarettes (whatever they are) to be used onboard. Sounds like a job for our new Clear Steam range.

Also, be aware of the rules surrounding liquid limits. The UK Government website states the restrictions which apply to all airports and airlines. Make sure to follow this guidance to avoid problems at security.

Do Not: Conceal your e-cig.

It’s just not worth it. When making your way through airport security, if you do decide to bring your kit with you in your carry-on bag, keep it all together and put it through to be scanned separately. More often than not, it won’t even raise an eyebrow, which certainly won’t be the case if you try to tuck batteries away in hidden compartments in your bag.

Do: Make sure that your kit is well protected.

This one should be common sense. Checked bags have a habit of going off on their own adventure through the baggage handling system, and don’t always reappear in one piece. Make sure that your kit is well protected, preferably in a padded bag. E-liquid bottles should be checked to ensure that the cap is fitted securely (and it may be an idea to squeeze out any excess air – pressure at altitude can cause sealed bottles to pop open).

Another thing to bear in mind is how you store your batteries. You should be aware of how they are arranged in your bag, and care should be taken to avoid them touching any other metal items. This can have the effect of shorting your battery – not what you want when you’re several hundred miles away from a spare.

Do Not: Vape on the plane (unless the airline says it’s OK).

As we’ve already mentioned, different airline have different policies. If they are happy for you to use your e-cig in the cabin then everyone’s a winner (common courtesy still applies – try to avoid blowing clouds at the other passengers). If the airline rules it out completely, however, abide by the rules. You do not want to start your holiday off in prison.

Do: Meet Local Vapers.

Travel broadens the mind, and it should be a good excuse to see what’s going on elsewhere in the world of vaping. With vaping taking off all over Europe and the world in general, there are many vapers to meet and compare kits with.

Do Not: Take the kitchen sink.

It’s bad enough packing a suitcase for two weeks away without worrying about additional space for vape batteries, tanks, e-liquid and all the rest. Try to keep your kit to a minimum – work out how long each battery will last you and pack appropriately.

Do: Check the laws in your destination country.

Bear in mind that every country may treat e-cigarettes differently. In some territories, the sale or import of e-cigarettes is banned, but their use is allowed, or at least ignored. In others, they may be banned outright. You need to be aware of this and take the local laws into consideration before pulling out your e-cig.

For a concise list of the current legal status of e-cigs, take a look here.

Do Not: Forget to have fun.

Remember, vaping shouldn’t be something you have to think too much or worry about. Above all else, relax and enjoy your holiday. Send us a postcard!