International Woman's Day 2023 - Questions With Emma, Our CEO

International Woman's Day 2023 - Questions With Emma, Our CEO

Published by Lewis Snowden on 7th Mar 2023

To celebrate International Woman's Day 2023, we sat down and asked our very own CEO, Emma Logan, some questions about what it is like to be the CEO of one of the UK's leading vape brands.

What are the main challenges, if any, have you faced in the vaping industry as a woman?

It is an industry with a fairly high male bias at a senior level, but that leaves more room for women to enter the industry and make their voices heard too.

What woman inspires you the most?

My mother; an excellent teacher, a woman of great generosity and a woman who does not care one jot what people think of her. She lives in no one’s shadow and is never afraid to bang to the beat of her own drum.

What are the biggest challenges woman face today in the workplace?

Same as it ever was, juggling a professional life and raising children. I have many thoughts on solutions but that’s for another day.

Any advice for women starting out in the vaping industry?

It’s a challenging industry, with limitations on communication channels and issues regarding regulation and fair competition. Whilst we are heavily regulated there is still a long way to go to ensure a level playing field, with more checks and balances required to ensure all products on sale in the UK market are of the required legislated standard.

Being aware of the challenges is a must before entering the industry as they can create onward frustration if you are accustomed to working with more freedoms.

Since you started the companies you run, how would you say you have grown as a female ceo?

You have triumphs, you make mistakes, you learn, you grow and you become more confident in your own decision making process. I have learned that having a wonderful team you trust implicitly, to work collaboratively with, to aid business strategy and meet objectives, is the best tool in the box.

Specifically over the last few years, seemingly constant political, market and societal changes have hugely impacted cost, operations and trading conditions thus being super agile at change management has probably been my biggest personal growth.

What advice would you give to other future female CEOs?

Work smartly, be diligent, be creative, surround yourself with a good team and don’t let anyone rain on your parade.