Ask JAC - What are Nicotine Salt E liquids?

Published by Amy Marris on 25th Sep 2017

Ever heard of Nicotine Salt or Nic Salt e liquids, and not sure what they are? Let us bring you up to speed….

Here at JAC, we are certainly excited about this concept! So much so that we have just released our very own Nic Salt bases which can be purchased as part of our 50ml quick mix picNIC bundles and also in our Short Fill Deconstructed range with a huge choice of 45+ different flavours. Also keep your eyes peeled for our Nic Salt premixed range, coming soon…

But what are they?

To begin with… no it’s not the kind of salt that you would use to season your dinner!

Nic Salt e liquids are made from the natural nicotine salts that are found in tobacco leaves which makes for purer, smoother form of nicotine, compared to the free-base nicotine as the prime ingredient used in most other e liquids.

These were first introduced into the market around 2 years ago in America, as lots of new vapers struggle to make the transition from smoking to vaping. The main reason for this struggle is that the nicotine from vaping takes longer to have an effect than a cigarette. A cigarette on average takes around 7 seconds to hit the bloodstream whereas vaping can take quite a bit longer.

This lag in the 'hit' reaching your system can lead to dissatisfaction, and can put some people off vaping altogether.

Nicotine salt based e liquids deliver a similar hit of nicotine that you would get from smoking a traditional cigarette. This type of e-juice is excellent for absorbing nicotine into your body at a much faster rate and gives you that stronger, more effective nicotine hit than the free-base e liquids provide. This means that nicotine cravings are satisfied at a faster rate and you will not need to puff away on your e cigarette as much to achieve that desired hit. Another plus, that bottle of e liquid will go a bit further as you will be using less at a time.

Another benefit of Nic Salts is the smoothness of the vape, which is great for beginners that often find the throat hit of traditional e liquids a bit too harsh but still need the nicotine hit. The smoothness also means that you can enjoy your desired nicotine strength without having to lower it to avoid the harsh throat hit. Even higher strengths (such as 18mg) still provide a very smooth vape versus traditional e liquids.

So who is it for?

Anyone who wants a quick, satisfying vape to stave off those nicotine cravings are going to get a lot from Nic Salt e liquids, particularly those who who may only get a few minutes on their lunch break to use their device.

Mouth to lung vapers, and those coming from particularly heavy smoking habits again will really see the benefits, though chain vapers, cloud chasers and sub-ohmers may find the stronger hit delivered to be a little too much.

The UK market for Nic Salt e-juices is slowly growing since TPD compliant versions have begun to emerge, and it will be exciting to see if it develops into something bigger within the industry, as it certainly has a lot of benefits on offer.