V3i Cigalike

These e cigarettes are supplied with our V3i cigalike vape batteries which are similar in size and shape to a traditional cigarette and are very simple for new users to operate.

2 Product(s)

2 Product(s)

V3i cigalike e cigarettes are great for beginners but are also suitable for more experienced vapers who are looking for a compact e cigarette kit.

This cigalike is reliable, easy to use and produces plenty of vapour. You can also experiment with Blank Cartomizers or Mini V3i Vape Tanks using any e liquid.

V3i cigalikes feature a small profile and slim design and are similar in size and shape to a tobacco cigarette. They're great for people who want to switch from smoking tobacco but want to continue to use a product that offers the same comfort and portability.

Alongside the V3i batteries, we offer a range of Prefilled Cartomizers in a variety of tobacco and fruit flavours. With a battery, charger and a pre-filled cart, you are all set to go.

For those looking to get the most from their kit, each cartomizer can be refilled using our bottled e-liquid around ten times, saving you money.

If you're new to vaping or not sure which kit to purchase we highly recommend you contact our customer support team.

For product support see our V3i Starter Kits help section.